Life: 15 things that happen when you move in with a boy

Couple in living room watching television

I have moved house a lot. Over the past six years I have lived in a total of seven (yes, seven) properties and over this time I have lived with different types of people including family, friends and strangers. I’ve been living with my partner for over a year now, and there’s some things I wish I’d known before hand (why they all like football so much, I will never know).  If you are in the process of moving in with a guy, here are 15 things that happen once you move in with a boy…

  1. So, turns out boys don’t appreciate pretty candles dotted around the house. Or fairy ornaments. They also don’t appreciate pretty bowls or your carefully curated display of perfumes and hair products that *may* have spilled over onto his side of the chest of drawers. Who knew?
  2. You’ll eat more takeaways than you did at university (and you won’t care).
  3. A night in with Netflix becomes more attractive than a night out. You have a home, a man and an unlimited amount of TV to watch, what more do you need?
  4. A dinner of smiley faces, turkey dinosaurs and baked beans becomes the norm.
  5. You have three times as many items of clothing as the boy you live with; you will never have enough storage space to store it all away, and it becomes even harder to explain that you have nothing to wear.
  6. You’ll also start to notice how much girls have to pay for beauty products, and how little they spend a month in comparison. That £30 you spent in Boots yesterday? They haven’t spent that much all year!
  7. He will never be as excited as you are about that AMAZING new cat cushion you want him to pay half for.
  8. Football never ends. Honestly. Whatever they tell you, it is on like, all of the time. Suddenly you will be watching football too. Taking me to…
  9. They will spend a huge amount of time updating their dream teams, fantasy leagues and football betting accounts. Don’t know what any of these are? You will.
  10. In spite of yourself, you suddenly want to bake cakes, make complicated dinners and are constantly armed with a kit of plasters and pain killers, as some weird looking-after instinct comes over you. You will then start wondering if you were ever cool.
  11. They fart, a lot.
  12. ‘Compromise’ becomes one of your most-used words. Especially when it comes down to deciding what TV show to watch.
  13. They also get that ‘looking-after instinct’ and are great at looking after you, whether you need chicken soup, a cuddle, or a reminder that it really doesn’t matter if you’re not feeling as great as you think you should be.
  14. Sleeping in a double bed on your own suddenly becomes scary, FREEZING and strangely empty. You’ll find yourself wondering how you ever slept before while curling up to a body made up of pillows……or is that just me?
  15. Though they fart all of the time and don’t understand why you constantly have clothes lying all over the house, living with a boy is a lot of fun, and oh-so-grown up. Freshly baked cupcakes, anyone?