Life: 21 reasons cats are the best

reasons cats are the best

All the cool people love cats. Here’s 21 reasons why cats are the best.

  1. They are adorable.
  2. They’re the perfect cuddle buddies.
  3. They clean THEMSELVES.
  4. And, they usually prefer to do their business outside.
  5. They’re playful.
  6. They understand the importance of sleeping.
  7. And make it seem reasonable for you to nap at 2pm on a Wednesday, too.
  8. They don’t NEED your attention.
  9. But they show their love when they want to.
  10. If you leave them at home for the weekend, then as long as someone fills their food bowl up they probably won’t even notice your gone.
  11. Did I mention how soft they are?
  12. The cute sounds they make, that they purely use to communicate with their owners.
  13. Although you must never be under the illusion that your cat is inferior to you.
  14. Have you seen a cat licking up milk?
  15. They have no problem with sitting on your head at 4am and proceeding to purr, because, like, they’re cats.
  16. Cold outside? No problem, your cat would much rather curl up the sofa too.
  17. Contrary to belief, they’re loyal.
  18. AND loving (especially to my other half)
  19. They COULD learn tricks, they just don’t want to.
  20. They are possibly plotting to kill you.
  21. This:

reasons cats are the best