3 Wedding Details No Bride Should Scrimp On


From the venue to the dress, weddings are notorious for being expensive. So it’s not hard to see why so many couples try to save money where they can. Many couples buy items in sales, make things themselves and even reduce their guest list in a bid to save as much as possible. But no matter what kind of budget you are working to, there are some wedding details that you shouldn’t scrimp on. Take a look at this checklist to discover what these important details are.


The photographs from your wedding day will be something you treasure for the rest of your lives. While it might be tempting to opt for a cheap and less experienced photographer. But this can be a significant risk. You might be saving money, but you may not get the beautiful images you were expecting. So it’s always better to spend more on a photographer whose experienced and whose work you adore. Go online and search for companies like Samantha Jane photography who specialise in weddings. Look through their portfolios to see what their style is and whether it suits your chosen theme. Then organize a meeting to discuss ideas and to take some test shots. It shouldn’t take too long to find someone that you trust with this very important task.

Wedding venue

Choosing a venue is one of the most expensive aspects of planning a wedding. But it’s something that is worth spending your money on. The perfect venue will add a touch of luxury to your big day while also making you and your guests feel comfortable. This is where you will have your first dance and celebrate with your love ones. So why choose one you dislike when you can splurge on one you love. If you haven’t chosen a venue yet, get inspired by looking at wedding magazines and blogs like Wedding Sparrow. Look for venues that offer comfort, food, and ambiance while also being within your budget.


Every bride’s nightmare is to break down on the way to their wedding ceremony. You’ll also understandably want to arrive in style and not in an old banger. So rather than travelling in your parent’s car, include money in your budget for trustworthy luxury transport. Look at car hire companies such as Prestige Keys and consider the size and type of vehicle you would like. It can also be worthwhile seeing and test driving the car before committing. This will ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and reliable, particularly if you are travelling a long way to your venue. As well as considering your own transport, consider how your guests are going to get around. Their comfort should be a top priority to ensure they remain happy for the duration of your big day.

Spending your money on these important wedding day details will make it the memorable event you’ve always dreamed of. Knowing what to splurge on can also make it easier to determine what you can scrimp on too. So reassess your wedding budget and make it a day you never forget.