4 Tips For Upgrading Your Phone

Can you live without your mobile phone? I certainly can’t. I use it to keep in contact with my friends and family, social media, blogging, capturing my life through photographs, finding my way to a new place and listening to music. Here are my 4 essential tips for upgrading your phone, in collaboration with Contact Number’s #PhoneUpgradeTips campaign.

Research the phone you want first

Having an idea of the phone you want to upgrade to will make the process much easier. Take the time to research the phones on the market and compare their specifications. What do you need in a phone?

If you’re a blogger, the quality of your mobile phone could also determine the quality of your blog. Many of us use our phones to take our blog photography, so having a a good camera built in is a must. For others, it might be the size of the screen, security features or speed. Regardless, having an idea of what you want will put you in a better position to find a great deal.

Work out what kind of contract you can afford

When you upgrade – or buy your first – phone, unless you pay for a phone outright, you will enter into a contract with the provider. With the new iPhone costing up to £1,000 most of us choose to sign a contract, but this means that you must pay the agreed amount for the duration of the contract, which can be many, many months.

Before you take out a contract you need to think about how much you can realistically afford. If you miss payments it can affect your credit score, so don’t take out a contract that you might not be able to keep up.

Contact the provider directly

In my experience, the most efficient way to get a good deal on your upgrade is to contact the provider on the phone and have a chat with one of the customer services team. The only problem with this is that many businesses make it difficult to find the correct number! Contact Numbers UK has a vast directory of customer service contact numbers for all kinds of industries so it’s a great resource to use when you just need to speak to a person.

Here are the links to the Three, EE and Vodafone pages; each page also provides details about the company which could help you choose which provider you’d like to go with before you give them a call. Ask about their deals, talk to the person about your requirements and you’ll be able to find the perfect package. It’s important to bear in mind that not all offers are advertised, so don’t be afraid to dig a little.

Be prepared to haggle

According to Money Saving Expert, haggling is one of the best ways to get a good deal. Success rates with the big firms were 82% of Vodafone customers, 67% of those with EE and 63% with Three. If you think the price your’re quoted is too expensive, say so. Also, if you really want to get the best deal then tell them you want to leave. If a company thinks they might lose you, they’re much more likely to find a ‘special deal’ in order to retain your business.

*This post is in collaboration with Contact Numbers and their #PhoneUpgradeTips campaign but all thoughts and words my own*