5 Easy Things that Will Help You Stay Healthy

We all know that a healthy diet and a decent amount of exercise are the keys to maintaining one’s weight and staying as lean, toned and healthy as possible. However, they are not the only things you can do to maintain your figure, far from it in fact.

If you’re looking to stay lean, toned and healthy in the long-term, here are a few other things you should be doing too:

Optimise Your Sleep

If you aren’t sleeping for between 7-9 hours (whatever works best for you) every night, then you are not doing all you could be doing to stay lean and healthy. You see, when you regularly get too much or too little sleep, your body gets stressed and it releases more cortisol, among other things, which can contribute to excess belly fat and even overeating. So, switch your schedule around so you can get a great night’s sleep every night and you will really benefit.

Find a Way to De-Stress

Chronic stress will also see your cortisol levels soaring and you will start to store more fat and break down muscle mass. That’s why as soon as you start to feel stress, you should take measures, such as meditation, which you can learn at www.headspace.com, or yoga – to help you relax and get rid of stressful thoughts. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference it makes! For more tips on de-stressing, take a look at my post on improving your mental health through spas


I know that I mentioned the importance of exercise in the intro to this post, but it’s worth mentioning here that lifting weights is a great way to lose fat and keep it off. Even if you get the weight off by going on a crash diet or getting liposuction from http://www.liposuctionsydney.com/, once the weight is off you’ll need to work hard and be active to keep it off and lifting is probably the most efficient means of doing this. Why? Because not only do you burn calories doing it, but for quite some time afterward, and because you build muscle which burns calories even faster, your body really does start working at peak efficiency when you weight train regularly.

Not Rewarding Yourself with Food

Instead of rewarding yourself with a cheeky cocktail or a bar of chocolate, think about non-food rewards that will make you just as happy, if not more so, such as a new handbag, a mini-break or soothing hot bath and use them whenever you feel the need to reward your efforts so you can easily stay on the healthy food wagon. A lot of staying lean and healthy is about training your brain away from food and inactivity and towards more positive activities that won’t impact on your waistline.

Drink More Water

Often when you think you are hungry, it is actually your body telling you that you are dehydrated, so drinking more water regularly should help to control your appetite. Not only that, but water is pretty good at filling you up between meals too.

How many of these things do you do regularly? I’m going to try and remember to do them myself!