5 Great Reasons To Make Australia Your Holiday Of Choice

As you consider your holiday destination this year, there is possibly no greater place to visit than Australia. Forget what you have seen on Australian soap operas, there is so much more to their culture than the suburban life you have seen on your television. With amazing sightseeing opportunities, a vast collection of wildlife and beautiful golden beaches, there are many reasons to visit.

It can be an expensive place to travel to, as you will be flying halfway across the world. However, it always pays to do a little shopping around so take advantage of any travel deals you come across, such as these cheap flights to Sydney. The expense will be worth it, whatever holiday experience you are after. From backpacking around the vast expanse of the Australian outback to taking the plunge in the Great Barrier Reef, there are many exciting experiences ahead of you.

If you need convincing any further, have a look at the following reasons why Australia may be your holiday of choice.

Their summer is our winter

No wonder many people visit Australia over the winter period. They are literally the land down under, as it is based on the southern hemisphere. If you have ever wished you could be anywhere other than the UK in the coldest of months, you can return to the summer season by flying abroad.

Glorious beaches

Wherever you go in Australia, there are many dazzling beaches to admire, particularly the famous Gold Coast. Whether you want to surf on the ocean, or scuba dive with marine life, there are plenty of opportunities. Explore the white sands on the islands of Queensland and explore the hidden coves of Western Australia. There is much to see and do, including partying to the early hours with the locals.

The Australian Outback

One of the most surreal places on the planet, the Outback is a great place to explore for backpackers and campers.  If you are interested in the indigenous culture of Australia, you will want to explore the many caves which contain aboriginal drawings.  You may need a good travel guide to help you navigate the massive terrain, as it is very easy to get lost, but it will be worth it.

Lush hinterlands

Away from the dusty climate of the Outback, the coast of Queensland is home to numerous ancient forests, stunning wildlife parks, and tropical waterfalls. Quite simply, you will be entering something akin to paradise.

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the few landmarks visible from outer space, this is one of the great wonders of the world. Stretching over 2000 km along Queensland on the east coast, this is one of the more spectacular places you are ever likely to visit. With an incredible array of marine life, you have the opportunity to scuba dive or sail on a glass bottom boat to explore this underwater kingdom. There are hundreds of species of tropical fish, as well as sharks, dolphins, giant clams and turtles, making this a magical experience for all the family.