5 Must Try Greek Foods

Greece has always been a favourite among the holiday-makers, not just for those beautiful blue waters with an abundance of beaches but also for its delicious food. You are sure to fall in love with the traditional Greek cuisine and the vast variety you will come across. Enjoy dishes like tzatziki, moussaka, and frapece – all made with fresh ingredients.

It is no secret that Greeks take their food very seriously. They love to eat and eat five times a day! Their dishes are always freshly made from local ingredients and with different types of fish, vegetables, and meat, and flavoured with various herbs, olive oil, and lemon juice.

It is indeed difficult to pick just five dishes that one must try when in Greece. After all, there are so many and choosing just a few would mean doing injustice to others. It is a good idea to opt for Withlocals food tours to understand Greek food and enjoy it better. These food tours save you lots of time and efforts as they guide you with the best cuisines and restaurants in the city. Nevertheless, if one has to zero in on five Greek foods that are truly amazing, then here they are:

Moussaka is a trendy dish with the locals and the tourists. The oven-bake dish is based on layers of sautéed aubergine, fried puréed tomato, minced lamb, a bit of potato and flavored with onion, garlic, and spices. Finally, it is topped with a fluffy layer of béchamel sauce and cheese. The creamy and juicy Moussaka is made by all by Greek homemakers, and the irresistible cuisine is served at all restaurants.

The Greek cheeses
Fresh cheese is a must to try out when holidaying in Greece. After all, one will come across different kinds of cheese being sold behind every market counters. The creamy feta, stored in big barrels of brine is simply delicious. You must taste the golden-white cheese of graviera that can be eaten raw or fried as saganaki. Sagnaki is commonly served as an appetizer and is made of just two ingredients—flour & cheese. Greek bakeries usually sell cheese pie, and at taverns, cheese is served with salads.

You will find those large soft bread rings being sold in almost every city in Greece in the early morning. The locals are seen munching the bread covered in sesame seeds on their way to work or carrying it home for breakfast. These sesame bread are enjoyed with a cup of coffee and are a great way to make a delicious start early in the morning. Koulouri is a popular street food-cum-breakfast that is an integral part of Greek life and ritual. The pieces of bread can be brought plain or are filled with La Vache Qui Rit cheese.

Dolmades are often eaten as a supplement to the main meal. They are delicious and made with vine or grape leaves that are stuffed with lemony rice and herbs to create a small parcel which is then steamed. Different kind of fillings are used for Dolmades such as ground lamb, beef or rice. The tiny dolmades are a versatile Greek food and served as an appetizer with lemon wedges.

It is must to try out the Baklava for that typical Greek food experience. Made of nuts, butter, and sugar, sweet syrup is poured over Baklava. The crispy layers of phyllo within the Baklava absorb the sweet syrup. It is one of the most popular Greek desserts among the locals and is often enjoyed during festivities and celebrations. Baklava is prepared with different combinations, but the classic baklava involves honey and ground nuts.

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