5 Reasons You Should Keep A Journal

Do you remember the days when you would get home from school, eat your tea, complete any homework and grab your diary out from your secret hiding place (under the mattress)? You could spend hours and hours recounting every detail of the day, your thoughts and feelings… and of course dreaming about your crush. As we grow into adults, the idea of keeping a diary seems to drift away into nothingness. What with hectic schedules and less drama in our lives, the thought of maintaining a journal seems a little redundant.

However, keeping a journal can not only benefit your memory, relax you and your mind, but it’s good for your health, Here’s why:

Brain Dump

Do you ever get a spark of inspiration or a brilliant idea, and then have nowhere to put it? Yep, we all do. Although notes on your mobile phone work fine, many of us write something down and then never look at it again. It gets lost in a sea of unused ideas. If you physically write something down, you will be able to see it and act on it.

Write Down Your Hopes and Dreams

Dreaming of the future is something we all love to do at quiet moments. Wondering what you would like to do with your life, who you want to become and where you want to live gives you a focusing point. You can begin to gravitate and shift around these hopes, and eventually, make even the biggest dream become a reality.

You Can Look Back On The Past Day

The main thing a diary is used for is to track your day. Writing down events, thoughts and feelings brings your mind back to focus and helps you plan for the next day. It allows you also to bring some nostalgic meaning to your life, helping you see how you’ve grown as a person.

Make Plans and Stick To Them

The biggest advantage a journal has to offer is the ability for you to make plans. A bullet journal is a type of journalling technique which allows you to track your day, plan your weeks and even make expenses plans. It can be as versatile as you like but it is very effective.

Improve Your Mental Health

As a teenager, your mum may have advised you to keep a journal as a way of expressing your feelings and thoughts if you couldn’t speak them out loud. Writing something down allows the thoughts in your mind to become ‘real’, and you can see them for what they really are; just thoughts. If you are struggling with anxiety on a regular basis or even depression, keeping a diary helps you calm your mind and focus on putting pen to paper, and nothing else. It’s a way to document your panic attacks so that you can look back at them later on and understand your mind. It’s also helpful to see what progress you are making with your mental health by reading back a few months.