Life: 50 Things to Do This Year

50 things to do this year

  1. Go on a day trip to London and be a tourist for the day – go on the London Eye, visit the National History Museum and go see Queen ‘Liz
  2. Go swimming
  3. Delete his number
  4. Make a scrapbook of all your favourite photos of family and friends
  5. Hold a wine and cheese party
  6. Give away your old clothes to charity
  7. Start a Memory Jar. Write down every great thing you do and pop it into the jar. Open it at the end of the year and feel the positivity shine out!
  8. Draw a self portrait
  9. Dye your hair a different colour
  10. Get on a train at random. Spend the day wherever it takes you.
  11. Take your best friend to Afternoon Tea
  12. Start a savings account
  13. Dance in your bedroom
  14. Go on a city break
  15. Dream
  16. Send those friends that live far away a package full of cute things
  17. Read some of those books you have
  18. Pick your own strawberries
  19. Spend the day drinking with your partner in a beautiful city
  20. Write your thoughts
  21. Get dressed up, put on some sexy lingerie and stay at home
  22. Try counselling
  23. Grow your own herbs
  24. Fall in love
  25. Tell yourself you are enough
  26. Believe it
  27. Go to Paris and kiss in the rain
  28. Eat in a restaurant on your own, without a book
  29. Read in the park
  30. Dress like a mermaid
  31. Make your own beer
  32. Do a sky dive
  33. Swim in the ocean
  34. Start painting
  35. Have a picnic with plenty of Prosecco
  36. Make some DIY tea light holders
  37. Start a blog
  38. Go to a new and confusing-sounding exercise class on your own
  39. Write yourself a love note on your mirror
  40. Spend 12 hours on a sofa with snacks and Netflix with your beau
  41. Be a tourist in your own city
  42. Delete and block anyone on social media who makes you feel bad about yourself
  43. Go to a museum at night
  44. Visit your grandparents
  45. Pick a signature colour and wear it in every outfit
  46. Make your own jewellery
  47. Watch all the best movies
  48. Let go of past grudges
  49. Be vulnerable
  50. Tell the truth