6 Amazing Destinations for Campervan Holidays

Campervans are a great way to holiday! Whether you’re parking up in a big city or roaming the countryside, you’ll have complete freedom to go almost anywhere – which makes it much easier to take holidays across entire continents, or even across the entire world!

That doesn’t mean you should drive around without a plan, though. There’s always a chance you’ll get stuck or won’t have any legal land to park on, so do your research before you go. This list of 6 amazing destinations for campervan holidays should be a great place to start!

South America

For every city in South America, there are miles upon miles of beautiful wilderness to explore. This makes it a great continent for campervan trips, no matter what kind of atmosphere you prefer: you can stick to the cities, tough it out in the wild or switch things up day after day depending on your mood. It’s not all flat land, though – the Andes mountains line the West coast while low beaches line the East, giving you the best of both worlds in a single trip. If you’ve got the time, a full trip from one coast to the other can make for an amazing series of holiday snaps or home video footage!

South Africa

Like it’s American counterpart, South Africa gives you plenty of flat wilderness to explore, with the added bonus of roaming wildlife and untamed foliage to really cement how far away from the cities you can get. There’s hiking, safari parks and plenty of natural scenery to visit out in the wild, but the cities are just as exciting to visit! Nightclubs and restaurants are just as common as beaches and museums, so there’s pretty much no reason to shy away from a day of on-foot tourism.


The outback is famous for its campervan holidays, which is probably why companies like Compare and Choose have made it so easy to get yourself up and running. You can drive for hours without seeing a single person, although there are obviously certain areas of interest that tourists of all ages will flock to. If you’d rather not risk running into any wildlife or just prefer an urban setting, Australia’s gigantic cities and packed beaches can be the cornerstone of your holiday – you could even cap off a successful cross-country trip with a night of partying or reward yourself with a shopping spree!


Cold forests and sparkling lakes make Canada a bit different from the other countries and continents on this list, but that’s definitely not a bad thing – you won’t find many other countries where thick snow and even thicker forests mix perfectly with urban cities and well-kept highways. If you’re a fan of camping out in woodland areas, but don’t want to get lost in Europe’s larger clusters of trees, Canada might be the niche you’re looking for. Even though it’s neighbours with the USA, it’s a very different place at its core. Unique wildlife and more subtle natural attractions make it a great way to finish up after a holiday further South, even if you’re only there for a day or two.

New Zealand

If variety’s what you’re looking for, New Zealand is like multiple destinations rolled into one. Low cost holidays are easy to find for the area online, and within a day of arriving you’ll be able to visit huge mountains, deep valleys, a beautiful coastline and even permanently-frozen glaciers – all within driving distance of one another. Plus, wild camping is legal almost anywhere in the country, so you can spend the night in your favourite spots away from the urban hustle and bustle. The number of hiking opportunities and amazing views make this more than worth the effort.