6 Common Mistakes When Going Abroad on Holidays

The excitement of knowing that you will be on holidays soon is one like no other. The soon to be sense of freedom seems like the best thing in the world, and in a few days, it will be yours for the taking. During that state of extremely anticipation however, many mistakes tend to be made. Some things overlooked, some poor decisions, last minute packing and everything in between. Let’s talk about some of the very common mistakes holiday goers all around the word and how you can avoid them.

Number 1 – Overpacking

This seems to be a running trend ever since the dawn of holidays. People are seemingly willing to even pay extra for overweight luggage at the airport just to take that extra pair of shoes which take up a big portion of the suitcase. Chances are you won’t ever need more than 1 spare pair of shoes, especially on holidays. Not to mention that shoes tend to take up a lot of valuable space in your suitcase which would be much better used bringing back souvenirs and the sort rather than lugging around the same old clutter from around your house.

Number 2 – Not exploring

Too many people stick to the purely touristic locations when abroad. While those places are touristic for a reason, due to either historical importance or just on merits of their grandeur alone and clearly worth seeing, they are usually a rather poor representation of the country. Seeing the commercial districts is great but it will not give you a sense of what it’s like to actually be in said country. Straying off the touristic trail can not only be a much more culturally enriching experience, but also some downtime for your wallet. Not like the locals always pay $24.99 for a basic breakfast and coffee combo. Starbucks and McDonalds exist in way too many places over the world to warrant them being your go-to place for food when on holiday.

Number 3 – Not preemptively booking accommodation

Often due to leaving everything for the last moment or just because of being misinformed on the subject, people tend to look for a hotel or any form of place to stay when they get there. At that moment, no one thinks clearly, tired and loaded with suitcases everyone is willing to pay any price to finally lie down in bed. It is a lot cheaper to book in advance rather than quickly looking for something on the spot. Even luxury holiday villas on interhome.co.uk can be cheaper than last minute hotels for the week.

Number 4 – Not being aware of mobile phone charges abroad

It might seem strange that in the 21st-century companies still charge you extra just for using your mobile abroad. It seems like such a basic part of everyday life, but most cellular providers will charge you for both receiving and making calls or even sending texts when abroad. Sometimes you can pay a small fee so that you do not get charged insane amounts abroad for the next month or something along those lines, definitely worth looking into.

Number 5 – Forgetting to tell your bank about your holiday plans

The sudden realisation that your card is not working is a terrible one that no one should have to go through, even worse in this case, you realise that your card isn’t working in a foreign country far away from home. Before you leave the country, make sure to go to your local branch of whichever bank you are with and tell them the exact dates of when you will be using your card abroad. Some banks allow you to even notify them of this either online or even smartphone app, making the whole process a lot less time-consuming.

Number 6 – Not leaving any free time on your holiday schedule

Planning what you want to see in advance is not a bad idea, it is actually pretty good to do so. One thing that isn’t good to do however is filling your schedule so tightly that in the end, you don’t even really feel like you are on holiday. This is a common problem, running from location to location, blindly feeling your way around the local public transportation just trying to see the next thing on the list. This is a rather tiring process, both physically and mentally. When planning, make sure to leave some days with no activities or at least leave some leeway in your schedule which would allow you to sit down for a coffee or whatever else.

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