Weddings: 7 Hen Do Party Game Ideas


I’m getting married in two months. That’s right. JUST TWO MONTHS. This means it’s also hen do time! Though I have just been on a dream girly holiday with my hens, I’m having a party in June for everyone that couldn’t make it along with female family members. With that in mind, I’ve been searching for hen do ideas.

When it comes to a wedding, most people are excited for the romance, the ceremony and the after-party. However, all of the bride’s best friends and female family members are also looking forward to the hen do! Drinking, dancing and cheeky behaviour is guaranteed, but it’s always a good idea to plan something a little extra to keep the night somewhat structured and everyone in a fun-loving mood. Here are seven hen do party games that you and your girls can play throughout the night and recall for years to come!

Don’t Say _______!

Write or verbally agree upon a few words that you and your party are not allowed to say. This could be simple, naughty or extremely difficult. For example, who’s going to order the drinks if you can’t say ‘champagne’? The penalty for saying the word is completely up to you, but doing a shot seems like an appropriate punishment.

Hen Do Bingo

This game will require some preparation, but the bride does get to open her presents. Everyone at your hen do must write down the gifts they think the bride will receive and, as they are opened, you must mark them off your list. If you get five in a row, shout bingo! Alternatively, you and your girls can play one of the numerous bingo or casino sites online. You can even take inspiration from ultimate party girl Paris Hilton, who is an ambassador for bgo Vegas. Paris attended her own sister’s hen do last summer, which looked like an incredibly good time, so we assume she knows a good hen do party game when she sees it! Bgo Vegas have plenty of online slots available, including NetEnt’s popular slot ‘Starburst’, which you can play for free in demo mode. Plus, they also host TV themed games like the ‘X Factor’ and ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ if you really want to get in on the action and pretend you’re part of a game show. Whoever wins gets to choose the next batch of presents!

Post-It Notes

The chances are that you’ve played this game at a house party or at Christmas, but there’s a twist to the hen do version. Guests must write a sentence or memory about the bride then she must read them out loud and guess who wrote each one.

Balloon Questions

Planning to have balloons at your hen do? Write an embarrassing question for each balloon, stick one inside each and ask your comrades to pop a balloon and read the question to the bride. If they refuse, they must take a shot.

Mr & Mrs Quiz

You may need to get the groom involved in this one or do a little Facebook stalking if no one in your party knows a lot about him, but hopefully his mum will be there. Write a few questions about the groom down and test his future bride on how well she knows him. Here are some great questions you ask and every time she gets it wrong, she has to take a drink.

Hen Roulette

If you’ve Googled ‘hen party games’ you’ve probably seen the Hen Party Roulette wheel. Although you may not be willing to part with a tenner to buy the actual game, you can still play this game. Of course, you can log on to or among the online options, or you can simply draw a roulette wheel on a piece of paper. In the latter version, players will be rewarded or punished depending upon whether their totem (probably a coin) lands on the number they were aiming for.

Story Time

Every party member must write about an experience they have had, but don’t put your names on it! Place the stories in a bowl and take turns to pick them out and read them. Once the story is over, the party must guess who wrote the story, then you can always ask extra questions if you get it right! 


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