A Book A Day: Why Reading Is Critical To Your Health

You might read a lot, but when was the last time you read a book? When was the last time that your daily reading intake didn’t include Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, or Instagram updates? For lots of people, reading is an indulgence that’s an important concept. Sadly, it’s just not essential enough for you to do it on a regular basis.

You know you’re missing out because you already understand the standard arguments. “Reading is fantastic for your mental health” is a common benefit that you’d love to experience more. However, you don’t have the time or inclination. After all, your brain seems fine.

Of course, it’s not only what’s going on in your head that counts. Reading is so powerful that it can boost your ability to exercise and tweak your diet, two things that aren’t synonymous with books. Essentially, there is a lot to the art of reading that you don’t quite understand, and you never will until you dive into a paperback head first.

Thankfully, you can learn about the advantages by continuing to read this post. Hopefully, the following will convince you to consume more books for the sake of your health, whether mental or physical.

Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the biggest killers in the world. One in seventy-five people may experience an intense rise in cortisol levels to the point where they suffer from extreme panic disorder. Plus, stress is proven to make other ailments worse, from the common cold to heart disorders and cancer.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you learn how to reduce stress so that it doesn’t harm your wellbeing in the long-term. However, it’s easier to say than it is to do as you might not be able to find the right coping mechanism. Remember that hobbies, such as the gym or a spa, cost money and aren’t cheap.

Books are affordable and don’t require any additional investment. Even if you don’t have any, you can pick them up for a couple of pence at a local charity shop. Then, once you start the story, you’ll begin to put your triggers to the back of your head as you get lost in the journey.

An incredible thing about reading is that it’s repeatable. Sometimes, exercising isn’t practical because you can’t do it every day, multiple times per day. With reading, you can pick up a book and continue the story several times a week. It’s not as if it’s strenuous!

Highlights Problems

Your body tells you when something is wrong. If you go for a walk and your leg hurts, you know you need to rest and speak to a doctor. Reading does the same thing. Anybody who attempts to open a book and struggles with blurred vision or aching eyes might be suffering from deteriorating vision.

It’s easy to pass poor eyesight off as insignificant – it’s not as if you’re blind! Still, losing your sight is a slippery slope that you don’t want to start on. If you let your peepers get worse, you could lose vision in one or both of your eyes. Or, you might perform everyday activities without glasses or contacts and put your health at risk.

Anybody who drives with deteriorating vision requires glasses. The good news is that a doctor’s appointment and simple shape rims and frames are usually enough to limit the damage. Plus, investing in reading glasses allows you to continue reading without experiencing pain, which means you still have a useful way to relieve stress.

Reading from a screen isn’t the same as reading a book, paper, or magazine due to the glare. The light from desktop and mobile devices strains your eyes even more and makes the situation worse, and that’s another reason to settle down with a good book at night!

Helps Sleep

Sleep is the single most important factor regarding your health. Regardless of whether you eat well and workout regularly, you won’t reap the rewards until you go to bed early and sleep through the night. Rest is proven to regulate the metabolism, regenerate cells, and deal with any problems that occurred during the day.

Not only do you need seven to nine hours, but you must hit the REMS cycle too. Yep, your bedtime is more complicated than you realise! The unhealthy thing about a modern routine is that it includes lots of mobile devices, and they’re equipped with blue lights.

All it takes is a couple of minutes of exposure to this light before bed and you’ll struggle to maintain a high-quality rest. Even worse, the electronics only have to be in the room to take effect. Reading is an ideal substitute.

Aside from reducing your exposure to blue light, it also makes your eyes tired. After twenty minutes, you’ll start to feel drowsy, which is when you should put down the book and hit the hay. You’ll sleep all the way through without any interruptions and feel ten times better in the morning!

Teaches You The Basics Of Health

For those who want to be healthier, there’s no better first step than to read up on the subject. Sure, you can dive in headfirst and hope for the best, yet it’s not rare for people who do that to make mistakes. They can be small, but the little things have the biggest effects, particularly where injuries are concerned.

There are tonnes of books available for you to brush up on your knowledge, and the more you read, the more info your brain will retain. When it has the information, your mind will help you to formulate a plan that will transform your lifestyle. You don’t even need to be an expert in the subject as the basics of health and wellbeing will put you on the right track.

Of course, there is a lot of data that isn’t confirmed by science, so you should be careful. An excellent piece of advice is to read peer-reviewed journals that you know are reputable. Or, if you come across an article, check search engines for any debate surrounding the subject.

That way, you can be confident that the facts are true and aren’t made up or spurious. You may be shocked by how many things you believe aren’t entirely true when you begin your research.

Boost Concentration

The average person could be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder! When you think about your daily routine, you’ll likely do everything from start work to check your phone and chat with colleagues within the space of five minutes. You may call it multitasking, yet you know you’re not productive.

Thankfully, reading a book teaches the brain to focus on the words on the page and their meaning. You have to have high levels of concentration to keep up with the story, and this is a transferable skill that you can implement throughout your life.

Regarding your health, the extra concentration will make you more productive when you exercise and prepare your meals. Rather than procrastinating, you’ll throw on your workout gear and hit up the gym right away. The same goes for your meals, which is vital for losing weight as consuming calories after eight is bad for your metabolism.

When you direct your attention to a single task, like you do when you read, your output levels will be incredibly high. Concerning your mental and physical health, it’s only a positive trait!

How often do you read? Will you do it more now that you understand the potential health benefits?

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