Food: A Guide to… Pasta!

Ahh pasta…my favourite dish.

There’s nothing better than a warm plate of cheesy, gooey spaghetti carbonara, right?

If pasta wasn’t so full of carbs I’d eat it everyday. It’s just so versatile and easy to cook. Throw in a few vegetables, add some pesto and ta-da, dinner is served. Of course, pasta is also perfect for drinking with wine (ooh another wine mention!) and there are a lot of pasta dishes you can match with wine.

I recently went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant and had the most divine pumpkin and amaretto ravioli, it was so good I’m thinking about making it myself if I can find a recipe. I’m even considering having a go at making my own pasta as you can’t beat the fresh stuff.

As we all know, pasta mainly comes from Italy and as I will be visiting Rome later in the year I have already started researching restaurants to visit so I can sample some authentic Italian cuisine. As I was doing this I was approached by Jamie’s Italian, who has created an infographic about pasta, including all of the different types, and where they originate from.

Looking at this infographic I suddenly feel like a pasta newbie; I’ve never even heard of some of them. I had no idea that ‘farfalle’ means ‘butterflies’ in Italian, how cute! One of my favourite pasta types is tortellini which reportedly was created by someone infatuated with the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, Lucrezia Borgia. The pasta shape is based on her naval. Saucy.

This makes me even more excited about eating in Italy, I’m positive it will be the best pasta I’ve ever tasted.

guide to pasta

Have you tried all of these pasta types? What’s your favourite pasta dish?