Alternative Wedding Ideas – For Brides That Dance To The Sound Of Their Own Drum


Weddings and everything associated with them continue to be big business for all concerned. But what are your options if you’re not too keen on the standard wedding in the box idea? Well, there are things you can do, to make your day more representative of you as a couple, and make a lasting impression on your guests.


First of all, before all the chaos of the big day comes round; you will need to invite people to your wedding. Of course, that means sending our invites. But do they have to be the traditional embossed card and ribbon variety? Not at all!

For an original take on the wedding invite why not try an old fashioned circus ticket style? These are oblong in shape and come with old-timey text on an aged background. They have a glossy finish so still look sleek and make a great addition to your wedding photos album or scrapbook after the day is over.

If you are a music lover, why not go for a vinyl record themed invitation? You can have details printed on the sleeves and the ‘record.’ But the best thing is that you can also print a link to a playlist of the music that you’ll play on the day.


For us, girls, one of the, if not the biggest thing about getting married is choosing the dress that we want our husbands to see us walking down the aisle in. Luckily it’s not all about princess balls gowns these days. In fact, there is a huge range of dresses that you can choose from.

If you want something different and personalised to you why not go for a short dress with a colourful petticoat underneath? Not only will you be channeling a cool vintage vibe, but you’ll also get that splash of colour too!

Or be this like this creative bride and make your mark on a white or ivory dress by adding dip dyes. This autumnal theme colours worked perfectly with her venue decoration and made sure that she got to reflect her arty, creative side on the day.


Something else that you can get a bit more innovative with is the gifts that you provide your wedding party. If they are retro or design enthusiasts what about picking from the unique and unusual gift ideas available online? A vintage style ornament or cool gadget is bound to go down better than a traditional engraved tankard or necklace.

Or if you had your heart set on jewellery for you bridesmaids, then pop on over the Etsy and get them something personalised as a memento of the day.


If you are into sugared almonds, then don’t read this section! But if your taste is a bit more eclectic than that, there are so many fresh ideas that you can use to make your favours original.

Canvas bags with the date of the marriage on are an awesome, and useful favour people will love to receive.

Or, if money’s tight, what about making your jars of homemade jam, chutney or marmalade? You can even personalise the labels to give the date of the wedding.

If it’s important for you to keep your guest entertained during the day, then what about provided shaped biscuits and mini icing tubes? Then they get to decorate their own wedding cookies? This is bound to have some hilarious results and break the ice between table mates.


Most people think of a wedding venue in simple terms. They choose either a church or registry office and then a hotel for the reception. However, these are not the only options. In fact, there are some truly astounding places that you can choose to tie the knot.

First of all, did you know that you can get married in Kensington Gardens? Imagine all your guests parading through the beautiful horticulture all the way to to the Orangery…

Or how about getting hitched in at the Roman baths in the historical town of Bath? Don’t worry they expect you to keep your clothes on!

Or for those science nerds out there, you can even choose to tie the knot at the National Space Center. You can have the service in the planetarium surrounded by galaxies of stars. It makes for some pretty cool photo opportunities too.


Gone are the days of the buffet, with sandwiches that are slightly curling at the corners by the time you get to eat them. Instead, you can pretty much have whatever food you want for your wedding breakfast.

Fish and chip is a popular non-traditional option as favoured by Kate Winslet. Sausage and mash go down a storm as well and helps everyone line their stomach for the festivities ahead.

If you’d like something a bit more delicate and graceful why not go for an afternoon tea? Or if you are having a destination wedding abroad, pick a local delicacy like German Bratwurst or Swiss Cheese.


Decorations at a wedding mostly consist of flowers, traditionally. But these can be super expensive; especially you want them to be quirky and original. Some people opt to buy their flowers in bulk and arrange them themselves, but this can add another layer of stress to an already hectic day. A much better solution is to either shun the use of flowers altogether or go for a fake variety.

The advantage of using artificial flowers is that you can arrange them ahead of time and they won’t wilt or go off.  You can choose any colour or variety you’d like as well to fit your theme. Also they won’t die off after the service so you can give them away to guest as a memento. Or take them home and decorate your lace with them. Which will be a great reminder of your special day. 

If you choose to eschew flowers altogether, then how about some colourful and kooky Mexican wedding bunting? It’s so cute, I love it! Good luck with your wedding planning and make sure you check out all of my other wedding posts!