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HOW cute are these wedding biscuits?! If you keep up with my life at all, you’ll know that I recently got married, and the past six months have been wedding-crazy at Johnson Castle.

Just before my wedding, I was sent a package from Biscuiteers, a luxury biscuit company who specialise in creating bespoke, personalised biscuits for occasions like weddings and birthdays. I was beyond excited when I opened my package to find a HUGE tin of biscuits, each with its own wedding-themed personalisation.

Unfortunately, a particular husband got his hands on them before I could take images of the lot, but I’ve featured my faves above; how cute is the bride and groom?! The detail on these biscuits is seriously impressive, and the fact that they’re made by hand blows my mind, it must take them ages!

Now I’m not usually much of a biscuit fan, I can give or take the old digestive and I’m more of a savory person, but these biscuits got me munching like you wouldn’t believe (not so good for the pre-wedding diet!). Before I tried them I did wonder if the taste would be lacking due to the time it takes to ice the biscuits, but honestly, I think these are the best biscuits I’ve ever tasted. TOP MARKS BISCUITEERS.

This tin of wedding biscuits retails at £39.50 (and contains a LOT of biscuits) but there is a whole range of wedding treats available here.