Back to School: Primary Teacher Book Haul

primary teacher book haul

You might not know, but I’m a Learning Support Assistant at a Primary School, and I’m planning on training to be a Primary Teacher next year. Because of my interest in teaching and blogging, I’m always looking for teacher blogs to follow, but unfortunately I’ve struggled to find many. So, I’ve decided to create the content I’ve been looking for here on A Literary Cocktail! If this is a success I’ll start a teaching category, so do let me know if this kind of content is helpful!

If you’re a frequent visitor to this blog you’ll know that I ADORE reading. My house is overrun with bookcases and shelves full of literature, so what else would a future-teacher and book lover do? Go on a teacher book shopping spree! I’ve got quite a collection, but these are some that I was lucky enough to be sent from Bloomsbury for review.

If you’re looking for educational books, classroom resources, teacher tips and ideas, Bloomsbury have some incredible texts. Here are some that I’ve picked up!

teacher book review

How To Be An Outstanding Primary Teacher – David Dunn

The 2nd edition of How To Be An Outstanding Primary Teacher is a great, overall guide for trainees, NQTs and experienced teachers to improve their daily practice with activities and techniques that will take your lessons from good to outstanding. It includes lots of practical ideas and useful websites for you to follow throughout your career.

100 Ideas For Primary Teachers: Outstanding Teaching – Stephen Lockyer

The 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers series is fab and there are a lot of books available. The 100 Ideas for Outstanding Teaching book has – you guessed it – 100 ideas for taking your teaching to the next level! This would be great for observations and inspiration for something special. Each idea has step by step instructions, tips for putting ideas into daily practice and links to online resources. It’s not just about lessons, though, it covers all aspects of being a teacher, even playtime duty!

100 Ideas For Primary Teachers: Mindfulness In The Classroom – Tammie Prince

Another book in the 100 Ideas series is Mindfulness in the Classroom. Mindfulness and mental health is something I feel strongly about and it’s something I want to include in my teaching practice once I have my own class. This book has 100 ideas to support children in the classroom as well as teaching them skills that they can use on their own. It has easy to implement ideas for all children, including those with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. I can’t wait to use this one!

teaching books reviews

Mark, Plan, Teach – Ross Morrison McGill 

Ross Morrison McGill from Teacher Toolkit, one of the best educational websites in the UK has released a book all about marking, planning and teaching. Ideal for primary and secondary teachers, Mark, Plan, Teach is designed to help teachers with their workload in the hope that teachers will be able to reclaim their weekends!

Practical Behaviour Management for Primary School Teachers – Tracey Lawrence

Ahh, behaviour management, something that all new teachers fear! A handy book for newbies, trainees and anyone who wants to rethink their behaviour strategies, Practical Behaviour Management provides step by step guidance on different behaviour strategies from low-level disruption to more serious cases so that you can do your best for every child. One to keep with you!

bloomsbury education books

Developing Self-Confidence In Young Writers – Steve Bowkett

Something a little different, Developing Self-Confidence in Young Writers is full of tips and activities for helping students gain confidence in their writing skills. For both primary and secondary, I’m looking forward to using this in my English lessons.

A Creative Approach to Teaching Science – Nicky Waller

How do you teach science creatively, and make it fun for primary children? A Creative Approach to Teaching Science provides us with lots of tried-and-tested ideas for teaching chemistry, biology and physics to students from Year 1 to Year 6; all linked to the National Curriculum.

Have you read any of these books? I’d love to hear your thoughts!