Beauty: How To Look After Ombre Hair

I have recently lightened the ends of my hair to create an ‘ombre’ look. I love it but I have found that I really need to take care of my hair now or else it looks a bit, unloved. I’ve had my hair like this for a couple of months now and throughout this time I have been testing products to help my hair look healthier, glossier and easier to manage. So here are my top tips for how to look after ombre hair!

Use Touch of Silver Products

Using hair products with a purple undertone helps to tone down any brassiness in blonde hair, and Touch of Silver products such as this one from PRO:VOKE lightens hair over time. Since I’ve been using this brand I have noticed my hair has become brighter and more ‘white-blonde’ than before. There are other brands that make similar products, but this brand are my favourite. I use the colour care shampoo, colour care conditioner and a brightening shampoo that is specifically designed to lighten your hair. Make sure you only us these products on the ombre section of your hair or you will lighten the rest of it too, making it look uneven.

Use a daily hair masque

Bleached hair becomes very dry; you’ll notice that bleached hair takes longer to dry because it’s clinging onto that water for dear life! My hair has been dyed many, many times, so it really isn’t in the best condition. I knew I had to do something before my my hair-do resembled a scarecrow, so I decided to start implementing a daily hair masque into my routine.

As I am in dire need of extra moisture in my ends, I decided to try the Intense Nutrition HAIR JAZZ Mask With Shea Butter*. This is a French hair masque to make your hair softer and easier to manage. It also has ingredients that help to make your hair grow, which I really could do with! As you only need to leave this masque on for two-three minutes, I find it very easy to use after I’ve shampooed, making it a great everyday product. Since using this masque I have definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my hair. It just looks and feels healthier. I’ll be using this constantly.

Use a weekly ultra-moisturising hair masque

Can you believe before this year I’d never used a hair masque? Now I’ve tried the Etern’l Hyaluronic Hair Growth Masque* I’ll be using them for life! I have rather thin hair, that I think is down to me not really looking after it, but this hair masque has begun to give my hair life again. Created with wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid, this masque from new brand Etern’l increases hair growth and hair density, whilst improving the look and feel of hair overall. This one needs to be left on for ten minutes, so it’s more suited for weekly usage. My hair is glossier and sleeker since using this, so definitely add this to your basket if your ombre hair needs a bit of TLC.

I’m hoping that as this masque targets the hair follicles, it will prevent my hair from falling out in clumps, which it has been known to do; for people who really suffer with hair loss though, there are other options, such as Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment which is available at The Harley Street Hair Clinic.

*Disclaimer: Some products mentioned have been sent to me to review, but all opinions my own*