Beauty: Simple Solutions To Your Skin Care Problems

We all have the odd complaint or two about our skin, whether it’s suffering from regular breakouts to trying to control difficult combination skin types. But there are solutions to every problem – you just need to know where to look. In today’s brief guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the answers to some of the most common skin complaints and help you ensure you have a glowing face, and smooth skin, for many years to come. Let’s take a closer look.

Acne and breakouts

Acne is a common problem amongst adolescents, mainly due to their hormones going haywire during puberty. And it some cases, it can leave its mark, with many people suffering from pock marks and scarring. It can also continue in later life, too, and many women have to endure the occasional breakout every once in awhile. It can be down to hormonal changes, poor diets, bouts of stress and many other things. But if you do suffer from regular breakouts, there is no one clear solution. It’s vital that you see a doctor or dermatologist to help you find your answers, although eating more foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and limiting processed sugar products is likely to help.

Lines and wrinkles

As you get older, it’s a simple fact of life that your skin will start to age, too. But you can fight off the impact of lines and wrinkles with regular use of moisturizers. But, as pointed out at, you should ensure you use the right creams for different parts of your body. No one cream will help you fight off wrinkles in every area, so consider buying different moisturizers to ensure you are plumping up those lines on your hands and neck, as well as your face.

Dark circles

If you suffer from a lack of sleep or have a lifestyle veering on the wild side, the chances are that your under-eye areas will be dark – possibly even black! Developing a good sleep pattern is the best way of solving this, of course, but in the meantime, you can help protect your eyes with UVA/UVB sunglasses which helps you stop weakening the collagen and elasticity your eyes need to look young and fresh.

Dry/oily/combination skin

Whatever your skin type, you have to make sure that you are using the correct moisturizing products so that you are always looking your best. Oily skin still needs hydrating, so choose a moisturizer that contains no oils. Dry skin is a little easier to deal with, as most moisturizers will do the trick. Just make sure you are applying your creams straight after a shower or washing when your skin is still wet. All your pores will be open for a couple of minutes, and this will allow the moisturizer to get deeper and do its work properly. According to, it’s the same principal with combination skin, only make sure you are targeting the right areas with the right products. Unfortunately, because of your skin type, you may need to buy separate products.

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