Beauty: Testing Joan Collins Make-Up

This year I have been introduced to an exciting new make up and beauty brand: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty. Created by one of the most glamorous ladies of all time, the Joan Collins collection is designed to inspire women to look and feel their best no matter what their age. The products have an old-Hollywood/art deco vibe and each item has been designed to be easy to use.

All of the beauty products have been developed with sensitive skin in mind (like Joan’s) and the overarching message is I AM WOMAN. Sounds great, right?

Here’s what I thought about the products…


When I first received this foundation I was immediately impressed with the packaging; the bottle is a similar quality to the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation (which I LOVE) and it looks luxurious enough to display.

The First Base Foundation is a three-in-one product: it provides a ‘perfect, natural finish’, it moisturises with hyaluronic acid, and has anti-ageing properties due to its active ingredient ATP Complex. I’d say this is a light to medium coverage, but it’s buildable so you can create your desired coverage, much like the MAC Face and Body foundation. I usually prefer a full coverage but as you can build on this foundation, it gave me the coverage I needed whilst still allowing my skin to breath, which is important – particularly in the summer months. It also gave me a nice glow and mixed well with under-eye concealer.

For reference, I am ‘cool fair’, though if you have very pale skin I would go lighter as this colour would also work for me when I have a tan.


The Joan Collins Class Act Mascara has been a staple in my make-up bag for the past couple of months, which is why it looks a little battered in the photo (soz, but I have really tested this mascara!). It’s a lovely mascara – very glossy and black, it goes on like a dream, separates lashes and really gives that Hollywood glamour flutter.

According to the website, this mascara is designed to be volumising, thickening and promotes natural lash growth over time. I can’t say how well it works on promoting growth as to be honest I already have long thick lashes so it would be hard to tell any difference, but my lashes are feeling strong and healthy. Volumising and thickening wise, I have used mascaras that do this better, but this mascara is also meant to be natural, which is a difficult line to balance. This is a very good mascara over all, but I prefer a bit of lengthening in my mascara too; for an everyday glossy look, this is fab, but it’s not my favourite.


These Glorious Glosses are super-moisturising and come in a range of pretty, sparkly colours. They’re designed to be worn alone or on top of lipstick for an extra shine. I really like these lip glosses; they have a vinyl effect and are long lasting. They also just look so good; one of the best things about the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection is that every product is stunning, the gold looks luxurious and it’s obvious how much effort has been put into curating the look.


Along with make up and beauty, the collection includes the I AM WOMAN Eau de Parfum. Designed to reflect the personality of Joan Collins, this perfume is very feminine with notes of citrus, musk and wood, with romantic floral scents. The bottle itself is very glamorous and art-deco; it looks gorgeous on my dressing table.

I would say the scent is quite ‘grown up’, it feels powerful and I feel like I’d wear this when going to an important event or when I need to feel inspired. It’s probably not going to do anything for younger readers but this is Joan Collins we’re testing, not Zoella.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the products I’ve tried in the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range, and the foundation in particular is a welcome addition to my make-up brand. I’ll definitely be trying more; will you try any of these products?