Beauty: Birchbox November 2015 Review

birchbox november 2015 review

birchbox november 2015 review

Ahh, beauty boxes, what a treat.

I haven’t been a beauty box subscriber for a while after I got bored with getting the same old stuff from Glossybox every month, so it was a real treat to get a box through my letterbox this weekend! I have been flirting with signing up to Birchbox for a while after stalking reviews to decide whether £12.95 a month is worth it or not.

Birchbox are currently giving away a free Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche (worth £18) so obviously upon visiting the Birchbox website I gave in and signed up and I’m so glad I did!

nuxe masque creme fraiche

I love reading beauty box reviews so I thought I’d do my own so you can see what I got!

birchbox november 2015 review

So Susan Featherlash Mascara Full Size

It’s always great to get full size products in your beauty box, especially when it costs more than the box itself! This mascara retails at £18 and promises to give ‘thicker, fuller lashes’.

I’m really into mascaras and I am particularly keen on any that promise thicker lashes. I have only tried this once, and I liked it, but it didn’t make my lashes looking as full as my everyday mascara, so I’ll probably keep this one for summer when I want a more natural look.

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

A make up remover balm! What a novelty this is! I haven’t tried this yet but I’m looking forward to seeing how this works. Apparently it even removes waterproof make-up, which I am a little skeptical about, but it smells divine.

Lord & Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner

This is a colourless lip liner designed to keep your lipstick looking neat. The translucency means that you can use it with any lipstick, which is useful for fans of lippie. I haven’t worn lipstick since I tried a black glitter one in Year 12, so I probably won’t have much use for this myself.

Delarom Creme Acquaconfort

This is a rejuvenating moisture cream for the face using almond and apricot oils. It smells gorgeous and my skin felt really velvety after use.

Beauty Protector Beauty Cream Body Lotion

I LOVE the packaging of this product, and the name ‘Beauty Cream’. This little moisturiser smells really sweet and leaves my hands feeling really smooth. One to pop into my handbag!

Thumbs Up Rosa Nail Wraps

I’ve never used nail wraps before so I’m not really sure how good these are but they are very pretty and it’s nice to get an extra treat.

Overall I am really happy with the November 2015 Birchbox beauty box, it’s been a really positive start to my subscription and I can’t wait to scream with delight when I receive December’s box!