Bridal SOS: Where Are The Helping Hands When You Need Them?

Pre-wedding stress. It’s an unfortunate reality for most brides-to-be and it’s more than just a temporary issue for many. It can really spoil a big day. One of the most commonly expressed feelings you might hear from a bride is relief. Relief that it’s all over. That is not what we should be feeling on our wedding day! So, it pays to have all the help you can on hand to make the way to the wedding much less stressful.

The schedule

If you deal with a little stress now, you can save yourself a lot in the future. Take an evening to sit down and thoroughly itemise everything you needed for the wedding. Then set it to a schedule, like the template available at The Knot helping you find a specific time to deal with every individual item. That way, it feels like an orderly list you’re working your way through rather than a seemingly insurmountable pile you’re fighting to make a dent in.

The planner

When it comes to taking some of the stress off the bride’s shoulders, there really is no replacement for a good wedding planner. A lot of you might think that a wedding planner is way expensive on top of the other costs, so let’s look at some of the ways to make it more realistic. With apps like Bidvine, it’s a lot easier to source competitive planners to fit all price ranges.

The venue

Whatever you plan, most of it is going to be at your venue. Not only is it important to ask about logistics as soon as you know they’re available, but high-quality venues like Château Bouffémont often have close partnerships with other wedding services. If you choose your venue early, you might have another ally in sourcing the answers to some of your questions.

The wedding party

We often choose the closest and most important women in our lives to be our bridesmaids, but we have to remember they don’t play a purely ceremonial role. They have responsibilities, and part of that is taking care of fulfilling the bride’s decisions. They can give input on their own dresses, on floral arrangements, and help with the envelope stuffing, but don’t give them the big decisions to make. No-one would be crazy enough to risk choosing a photographer, DJ, or vendor the bride will hate.

Your partner

On the run-up to a wedding, the relationship you’re supposed to be cementing can feel more like a business partnership. “Have you got me those table numbers yet, Ben?” This can add a little tension and lead to disagreements, but it’s also going to stop you from seeing the big picture. Spend time with your partner taking a break and simply enjoying one another’s company. It also helps that a little intimate time together is a great stress-buster.

You deserve to have the perfect wedding day, but you also deserve to have a lead-up that won’t have you tearing your hair out. Get organised. Get your wedding party, your planner, and your venue on the same page as soon as possible. And get a little loved-up with your partner from time to time. That can really help ease off the pressure.