Most Brides Forget About These Wedding Details – Make Sure You Don’t!

Getting any big event to run smoothly is always a bit of a challenge, but none more so than your wedding. Planning it takes months, maybe even years of preparation, and even then you are not guaranteed that everything will go to plan on the day. The absolute last thing you need on your wedding day is anxiety over plans that should be as far away from your mind as possible. After all, it’s supposed to be the biggest day of your life – you’re there to enjoy it, not to orchestrate it! But time and time again with weddings, the same things arise that cause even the most unflappable of brides copious amounts of stress. Take a look at our picks for what you need to have covered to make sure you can get hitched without any hitches.


Getting from A to B is a vital part of your wedding day, especially if your reception is at a different location to your ceremony. You will need to make this very clear to your guests, to avoid any unplanned mishaps. After all, nothing puts a spanner in the works more than half your guests getting a cab to the ceremony without realising that they’ll need another for the reception too. You will also need to consider how you and your groom are going to travel. It can be tempting to go for a vehicle that’s really wacky and ‘out there’, but if you are having to make multiple journeys in one day it may not be the most practical option. Instead, why not speak to some local chauffeur companies about a quote they can give you for use for the whole day?

Child’s entertainment

Unless you explicitly ban children from your wedding (unlikely to go down well with most guests!) you are likely to have a fair few kids in attendance, both at the ceremony and at your reception. This can be lovely if you have young relatives, as they will generally be very excited about the whole day and this can really enhance the atmosphere. But fast-forward to the evening and you may find you have a bunch of very grumpy, tired kids on your hands. It is at this point where children can start to act up, so having things on hand to keep them occupied is a must. Colouring books always do the job and if you have a separate room at your reception location, set them up with a DVD and some big cushions so they can relax when they are all worn out.


With weddings being such a self-indulgent occasion, we can often get a little too wrapped up in it all. But providing favours for your guests not only shows that you are super organised when it comes to planning your big day, but it shows that you are grateful to them for supporting you. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive – your guests will understand that your budget will be all but drying up the closer you get to the wedding. But little bags of retro sweets, wedding-themed candles or personalised glasses would all go down a treat as a favour.