Buying the Right Car Tyres – Essential Tips

You don’t need to be an expert in mechanical engineering to know when you need a new set of tyres. If you see bulges, items sticking out of the the rubber or bald patches on your tyres, then it is time to replace them. You can test to see if your tread depth has shrunk below the legal limit by inserting a 20 pence coin into the grooves. If the rim disappears from view, then the tread is still okay but, if not, then they are unlawful. When you purchase tyres, here’s what you need to bear in mind.

Buying Part-Worn Tyres 
Second-hand tyres are not illegal in the UK. So long as the tyre concerned is deemed to be roadworthy, then you can have used ones fitted to your car. The trouble with a second-hand tyre is that it will already be partially worn down so you cannot comfortably predict how long it will last. Buy part-worn tyres in an emergency but avoid them at other times. They are not the bargain they seem to be. 

Compatible Tyres 
You don’t need matching tyres on your car. In fact, all five – including the spare – could be made by different manufacturers. So, if you only need to swap one tyre, then don’t feel the need to buy a complete set unless your other tyres are approaching the end of their lives, too. All the law demands is that the tyre, or tyres, you have fitted are compatible with the model of car you drive. Incompatible ones, even if they appear to fit, can be dangerous to drive on. Get the right car tyres from Point S by simply entering your model or car registration number of the website and reserve them. 

Premium or Budget Tyres? 
There is often a debate about the extra cost of premium tyres and whether they are worth it or not. The fact is that the rubber compounds used in premium tyres is usually of a much higher quality. Therefore, they will often last much longer, especially if you do a lot of motorway miles. For drivers who only hit the road a few times a week, cheaper tyres can be more cost-effective. One of the best things you can do is to check out any promotions or special offers that are on if you are not worried about which premium brand to go for. End-of-line premium tyres can sometimes be nearly as cheap as budget ones but afford much greater levels of longevity.