Capsule Wardrobes For The Whole Family

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Capsule wardrobes can be one of the easiest ways to save money and time. Rather than constantly spending money on new clothes in an attempt to create a look that feels like ‘you’ or one of your kids, you can know you have plenty of options that you can mix and match for all kinds of occasions. You won’t have to spend too long pairing pieces either, as the majority of pieces you have will match with one another. It takes some time to create a capsule wardrobe in the outset, but it’s so worth it in the long run! 

Here, we’re going to talk about creating capsule wardrobes for the whole family, and you’ll get a few tips to help you along the way, too. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Buy More Expensive Clothes

You probably don’t want to fork out on clothes that are too expensive for your kids – after all, they grow out of them quickly and love to make a mess. However, you can buy expensive clothes for yourself. You may feel guilty about this at first, but once you have stopped spending so much money on fast fashion, you should be fine to spend a larger sum of money on one high quality piece that you know you’ll love forever. 

A high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean high quality, so make sure you trust the brand. Buying from boutiques and handmade shops can be a great way to find quality pieces that nobody else has. Visiting a Bespoke Tailors could be an even better idea, as items that have been custom made to your specifications will look so much better and last a lot longer. 

Define Your Style And Color Palette 

Defining everyone’s style and color palette will help you to put the wardrobes together. Pick three descriptive words for your style, and then use a color wheel to figure out which colors you like that will go together nicely so you can focus on those. Bringing back anything you like no matter the color or pattern will often mean having to fork out even more to buy pieces that match. Neutral pieces are great and can tie your outfits together, but you can pick a few colors that you love too. 

How Many Pieces Are Enough?

For a child’s capsule wardrobe, you’ll want maybe 12-14 items. If you need way more than that then you have definitely got too much. In your own capsule wardrobe, it can depend. Some can get by with as little as 10 items, others might need up to 50 pieces! 

Get Rid Of Old Clothes

It can be tempting to keep old clothes. Some people like to keep them to use as pyjamas, and others like to work out in them. However, they take up a lot of room, and although they can be good to lounge around in, they can bring your mood down if you don’t feel good in them. If you already have active wear and pyjamas/lounge clothes, give these clothes to charity or sell them if they are still wearable. You need to let go of your need to keep things past their use by dates! 

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