Drink: Casillero Del Diablo Merlot wine review

casillero del diablo merlot

casillero del diablo merlot

Ahh, a night in all by myself, the perfect excuse to have some me-time and a glass of wine or two! Casillero de Diablo Merlot is one of my favourite red wines. I’m a big fan of rich, deep reds and this brand never fails to impress.

Hailing from Chile, ‘Casillero de Diablo’ actually means the ‘Devil’s Wine’, which is represented in its packaging. Rumor has it that the owner, Don Melchor, used to tell people there was a devil in his wine cellar to deter thieves! What a guy.

Anyway, you probably want to know what it tastes like!

This Merlot is a full bodied mix of plumb and red berry fruit flavours, with a distinctive woody finish. It is a smooth wine, with a smokiness that makes me think of a warm late summer night, sampling cheese and relaxing with friends (and let’s face it, we need that with this on-coming snow!)

casillero del diablo

Drink it with: Cheese (although I think most things are an excuse to eat cheese), pasta, red meat, risotto, spicy dishes.

Overall I really like this wine but I have to say it’s not as good as the Casillero de Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon which is definitely one of the best things I have ever tasted.

Have you tried this wine? Are you a fan?