How to choose a good venue for your wedding

Without a doubt, the venue is the most important consideration of any wedding venue which is why the majority of them are always booked up months, sometimes even years, in advance. If you’re in the early planning stages you shouldn’t have any worry about snapping up the perfect venue to suit you, but here are a few things to think about before you commit to a place.

Are you having a civil ceremony or a church wedding?

Deciding on the type of ceremony you’d like will highlight the venues that will be available to you. If you opt for a church wedding, you will have to consider a second venue for your reception and this, ideally, should be in close proximately to the church so that you and your guests can easily get there on time.

Is it available?

This one is a no-brainer. Of course, if the venue you want to get hitched in isn’t available then you’ll have to venture elsewhere. However, sometimes this can simply be because the couple is unwilling to budge on a specific date so instead, be a little more flexible and go in with a rough idea of the time of year. Aim to book your venue 12-18 months beforehand.

Does it fit your budget?

You should have already set a budget for your overall wedding, and this will take into account venue which will probably be your biggest expenditure. Be aware that the more you spend on your venue, the less you’ll have to spend on everything else!

Will it fit your guests?

Make sure the capacity of the venue can safely fit all of your guests. If you’re using the same venue for ceremony and reception, take into account the fact that there may be more people arriving throughout the night.

Does it suit your personality?

Your choice of venue will set the tone for the entire day, but it’s still important to choose somewhere that you will feel comfortable.  For example, those looking for a traditional wedding might want to consider a hotel wedding venue whereas those looking for something a bit more glamorous might opt for a French chateau wedding.

How will it look on the photos?

This might not be one of the most important points, but for those looking for a dream wedding, you’ll want the photos to match. One of the biggest reasons couples choose a wedding venue is because of how beautiful it is.

What are the extras?

Some venues might offer extras like a DJ, A/V equipment for the reception, free parking, chairs and tables and linens, etc. Many venues that cater to weddings will offer a package so that everything will be set up for you, taking some of the weight off your shoulders.

Whichever venue you choose – try and visit it at least once before the big day. When in doubt, seek expert advice from wedding planners who can steer you in the right direction on everything from choosing the venue to setting out party favours.