Time for a fresh start? Here’s 5 Top Conservatory Ideas for 2018

No longer the cold, draughty plastic box, the modern conservatory is now considered to be a worthwhile extension. But what trends and ideas are tipped for the coming year so that conservatories retain their crown of being an affordable extension?

#1 If you haven’t taken the leap yet…

… then make 2018 the year you invest in a conservatory. But don’t settle for a ‘white plastic box’ because the conservatory has come of age.

This year will be the year that the detailing and style of this fantastic garden room become even more intricate, with most homeowners opting for a style that not only fits with the appeal of the rest of their property but contributes to how they use their home.

And so yes, you can mix the modern with the traditional, just make sure it contains details that link the older property with the modern styled conservatory.

But, there are signs that the traditional conservatory as we know it may be undergoing an even more radical change. Rather than being an addition to the home, there are some fantastic examples of homeowners using large bay windows or other key areas of the home as a conservatory type space. In other words, they are fitting large windows and dressing the space as they would a conservatory.

This is great if you are on a budget but still want the feel and the warmth that a garden room can offer the interior of your home. A great DIY project for the multi-skilled, make sure you prioritise insulation so that it is a warm room in winter but delightfully cool in summer.

#2 Informal conservatory furniture

We’ve seen relaxed, informality sweep across garden furniture with the choice of outdoor bits and pieces no longer being just a dining set. Alfresco dining is so much better, don’t you think, when there is a relaxed air about it?

And this informality extends into the conservatory but don’t assume this means modern is conservatory furniture is slouchy and messy: it isn’t.

As well as sumptuous corner sofas, there are day loungers, perfect for lying back and enjoying the heat of the conservatory as well as comfy armchairs that bring a hint of modern minimalism to the space too.

#3 Dual purpose furniture

Conservatory furniture will also have a dual purpose too – it will sit just as well in the conservatory as it will in the garden.

Rattan is an ideal material for inside and outside the home which is why it is predicted that during 2018, we will fall back in love with it, not that we ever really fell out with it. The problem was the design, style and colour of the finished product.

Technology and manufacturing techniques have improved and thus, the final finish of the rattan conservatory furniture has improved no end. Many manufacturers retain the use of the natural material and weaving process, but with customers demanding modern stylish pieces, the look has changed considerably over the years.

Ditch the high, fan-like backed conservatory chairs and opt for the lower backed, pleasantly angular shape of sofas and chairs that work just as well in the conservatory as they outside in the garden.

#4 An open wall

Interior designers have been encouraging us for years now to marry the interior of our home with the garden and with ‘open walls’ being hotly tipped for conservatories in 2018, this is even easier.

Bi-folding or doors that fully open to expose the interior of your conservatory fully to the garden will be the way forward this year and this is not only great for a seamless exit into the garden but for dual-purpose conservatory furniture that is predicted we’ll be investing in.

#5 Interior upgrade – the conservatory floor

If there is one ‘upgrade’ you perform on your conservatory this year, make it the floor. Providing the room with an uplift in colour, style and detailing, a new conservatory floor can give your conservatory a completely different feel. Opt for grey flag flooring for a modern twist or a light wood finish that really makes the space pop with understated glamour.

And while you are changing the floor, why not take the opportunity to fit underfloor heating? A pleasant background heat, underfloor heating is efficient to run but also makes it a warm, usable space all year round.

There is no doubting the versatility of the conservatory but how will you style it out in the coming year?

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