Creating a Link Between Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

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Most of us are in the habit of thinking about our gardens and homes as two entirely different spaces. We don’t consider our gardens when we decorate our houses, and we don’t give a second thought to our houses when we plant new flowers outside. There is a clear boundary between them, and they are obviously two separate entities. But why should they be?

There are many benefits to linking up your indoor and outdoor spaces. If your house leads into your garden seamlessly, you are more likely to spend more time outdoors, and if your home has notes of nature, and a clear link to your own bit of it, you might feel more alert and awake. You may find that you can work more productively, that you feel more creative and that you find it easier to relax. It can help your home to feel larger, and your garden more useful. Overall, it might just make your home feel more your own. Here are some tips to help you to create that link.

Use the Same Flooring

Your flooring is a wonderfully simple way to continue a theme. It’s something that we rarely take much notice of, but is always there, and we certainly notice when it changes. 

Choose a material like stone or wood, which is suitable for both outdoors and in. Even if it isn’t exactly the same, adding a small decking or patio, with flooring similar to the inside could be effective. 

Add Extra Windows

Of course, one of the best ways to tie things in is to make sure you can always see one from the other. Extra windows mean that you can always enjoy the view of your garden when you are indoors and see into your house when you are out. 

Even better, add french doors to maximise the effects and throw them open when the weather is nice, to truly link the two spaces and blur the lines between them. 

Add Cover to Your Garden

Weather is often the great divider when it comes to outdoors and in. Our gardens are cut off from us in poor weather, and we can easily not get out in them for months at a time. Add a canopy to your decking, and you’ll get far more use from it. 

Welcome Nature in

A great way to link outside and in is to bring some of your favourite elements from nature into your home. Fill your house with plants, including flowers and shrubs, and use natural elements such as wood and stone in your décor as much as possible. Chunky wooden tables and shiny metal surfaces can work well. 

Take Textiles Out

On the other hand, you could take some of your favourite indoor comforts outside. Consider comfortable outdoor furniture, instead of the usual wooden or plastic chairs and tables. Add outdoor soft-furnishings, blankets and other comforts. 

Blurring the boundaries between your indoor and outdoor spaces can make both your home and garden feel larger, more useful and more stylish, and it doesn’t need to be difficult. 

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