Creating a capsule wardrobe for your work

Having a capsule wardrobe can be a great way to make your workwear go further. By just having a series of baseline items, which can be easily mixed and matched, you can create many outfits that are ideal for the office, while still reflecting a stylish, fresh look.

From neutral coloured tops to statement piece accessories, there are a whole range of items available on the high street and online, through sites like Simon Jersey Workwear, ideal for creating a capsule wardrobe. Here are some top items you might want to include.

Neutral tops

A good place to start when putting together a capsule wardrobe for your place of work is to choose a couple of basic neutral tops. Plain, but smart, long-sleeve fitted tops in a neutral colour, like blacks, whites or greys, are a good choice because they can look good with almost anything. They can be teamed up with items like skirts and slim fitted trousers, for instance, or nicely layered with a long cardigan or blazer, allowing them to create a new look each time. If you’re struggling what colour to go for, select your favourite colour in which you feel most comfortable and go from there.

Bold midi skirts

A midi skirt is ideal for a works environment. It’s not too short, so is appropriate for the office, but is also not too long, so you don’t need to worry about hemlines during wet and snowy seasons. It’s good to go for a bold midi skirt, like one in a bright colour or an eye-catching print. This can work perfectly with your neutral tops, both creating and complementing different looks for the office all year round. You could look summery in spring, for instance, or inject some dramatic colour into a bleak winter’s day.

Versatile suits

A suit or two can play a bit role in your capsule wardrobe as it can offer so much versatility. The blazer and trousers can be worn together or separately, creating many different smart looks for the office. While the blazer can be easily teamed up with different items, like your bold midi skirt, the trousers can do the same with your basic neutral tops. The blazer can also act as a light jacket in cool but not warm months, like during the turning of spring. Neutral coloured suits are best, but make sure they are in a different tone to your neutral tops, so they match up together well.

Smart footwear

When it comes to footwear, solid, smart and practical types are worth considering, which can add to your office outfits while being good for different work occasions and seasons. A practical pair of flats, like smart loafers, and classy heals, are good choices. While sturdy, warm loafers are great for feeling smarter in wet and cold months, classy heals are ideal for client visits and after-work office events – giving your midi skirt or suit that extra striking edge.

Statement accessories

Finally, a statement fashion accessory should be an essential part of your capsule wardrobe to give the different looks you create for work that finishing touch. This could include a striking piece of silver jewellery, like a pendant necklace, or an eye-catching print scarf – both ideal for laying over a neutral top. A timeless, classy bag, as well as being practical, can also be used to bring your office outfits to life. It can ensure your capsule wardrobe never goes out of style, while holding all the essentials you need for a typical day at work.

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