Creating The ‘At-Home’ Cocktail Party

So maybe it’s your birthday, or you have friends coming over for a special celebration, why not turn it into an at-home cocktail party? This is something that many people are starting to arrange and organise for themselves, since we are becoming less inclined to go out and more inclined to stay at home for our celebrations now. When you know how many people you have come into your event, and you have the venue sorted, even if it is your living room. Then you can move onto organizing the entertainment and the finer details. So what do you need to have your own at-home cocktail party?

Cocktail bar

There are no such amazing Cocktail Bar Hire companies, who are able to bring a cocktail bar to your home, create some amazing cocktails for you, and turn it into an event that your friends will never forget. With some magical concoctions and some nitrogen included, the entertainment and the drinks are rolled into one. If you and your friends are regular cocktail drinkers, then you will already know what your favorites are, but a cocktail bar in your home can open up a whole world of possibilities, and provide you with some interesting ideas and maybe even a new favorite.


Making sure that you’ve lined your tummy is before you start drinking the cocktails is a wonderful idea. This is why many people go out for dinner before they settle into a cocktail bar for the evening. So you could either create a nice meal before the cocktail bar arrives, which would involve a lot of time and effort for you, but something special for your friends and family. Or you could maybe arrange for a takeaway to be delivered. There are plenty of options in between, such as a buffet, or even just some snacks laid out on the table, with a warning to your friends that they should eat plenty before they arrive. Turning a small gathering into a wonderful cocktail party is no easy job but it’s more than possible and you can have a wonderful time celebrating with your friends.


The music that you choose for your event will depend on your guests of course. We all have our own preferences, but since it’s your home you are able to make some decisions. Maybe ask your friends to add some ideas to a playlist on Spotify, and then you can have a mixture that will appease everybody at the party. Some people choose to hire a DJ or band for their parties, but it is in Tiley up to you and it depends on the mood you are trying to set. There’s nothing quite like a live band, or even if you have some musician friends maybe you could ask them to bring along their instruments, and have some fun together! 

Ultimately it’s the people that you invite to the party that really makes the event. So get your guest list right and the rest will fall into place.

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