Cruising For Adventure? Out On The Water Is The Best Place To Be

Love traveling but hate the actual ‘travel’ part? You know, getting from one place to another- being stuck on cramped planes and stuffy coaches for hours until you reach your destination? In that case, a cruise could well be for you. You get to visit incredible places but on the luxury of a cruise ship- something that is essentially a floating resort hotel. Complete with shops, restaurants, attractions and places to relax, it’s the perfect way to travel in style and beats any other method by a mile. You can feel the wind in your hair, take in awesome sights and feel the freedom of being out on the water. Here are some things to know before booking your cruise.

The Benefits of a Cruise

On a cruise, you have everything you need in one place. Your accommodation, things to see and do and a feeling of luxury. But better still, it’s a form of transport that takes you to various destinations. Each stop is like a mini holiday in itself, and if you want to experience as much as possible in one trip, this is a great way to go about it. If you find yourself getting bored or feel like you’re ready to go home by the end of a traditional holiday, a cruise is a fantastic way to mix it up. You get to see and experience different things at every stop, so it’s a fun way to travel. There’s no being bored or cooped up on public transport from A to B, so if this aspect of things puts you off traveling, then a cruise will be for you. A cruise can make a fun filled family holiday, a romantic break or even a fun, safe solo trip depending on the type of thing you’re after. They’re perfect for children, adults and seniors alike so there really is something for everyone.

How Much Will It Cost?

Cruises can be super luxurious or more budget friendly meaning they’re suitable for just about everyone. It all depends on the ship, your room and the length of time you’re traveling for. If you keep an eye on deals and discounts on sites like you might be able to snag a bargain. If you’re planning on seeing various attractions or doing different things at each destination, this is a cost that needs to be factored in too.

What Types of Cruises Are There?

An ocean cruise is the kind of cruise you’re probably most familiar with, where you travel across oceans and seas to various destinations. You can book anything from a mini cruise to a round the world trip which takes around six weeks. However, if you want to do things a little differently, river cruises are a fantastic alternative. These are an excellent way to see inland destinations, and because most major towns and cities are built around rivers traveling via river cruise ship will take you right to the heart of the action. No sitting around on boring buses or coaches to get from A to B, you can see the sites right from the boat and enjoy all the luxury of a river cruise boat while you get to each destination.

Where Can I Explore?

You can visit numerous places across the globe on a cruise ship. Have a think about your interests, and the kind of trip you’re after. For tropical sun and beautiful beaches, how about a cruise around the Caribbean or Mediterranean. If you’re fascinated by the middle east, how about a cruise that stops in stunning Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you want to see wildlife such as whales, seals, and polar bears there are various cruises around the globe which allow you to do this. If a river cruise sounds intriguing, you’re not short on options either. There are many rivers and waterways around Europe which offer exciting cruises, take The Danube for example which runs across ten European countries and has various cruises and tours available to book. You could visit historic Amsterdam, or cruise your way through some of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities such as Brussels, Paris, Istanbul and Barcelona. For something different entirely, how about cruising the Amazon River, the Nile or even the Yangtze River in China. You could also consider the Mekong River which runs through Vietnam and Cambodia. Of course, each of these will offer very different experiences, so working out exactly what you want to do and what kind of trip you want will influence your choice, but whatever you choose it’s going to be amazing!