Decisions, Decisions … What Makes A Perfect Wedding?

If you are planning your wedding, you are probably juggling with a tight agenda and a lot of decisions to take. Whether you choose to plan with your partner, on your own, with a couple of trusted friends, or with a professional organiser, there’s always that dreadful moment when you actually need to take a decision. Should the dress be strapless? Do you want an exotic catering buffet? Where should you go for your honeymoon? These might seem like little insignificant details, but when it comes to getting married, it’s important to get it right. After all, you want the perfect wedding.

What’s The Perfect Dress?

Choosing the perfect dress is a difficult process. There’s always a difference between your childhood dreams and the reality of what you can find, afford and wear. Don’t worry; it does take a lot of time and trying on to find your perfect dress. Most bridalwear designers will give you the same piece of advice, though: Choose something that suits you and don’t follow anyone else’s opinions. It’s your wedding, and it should be your dress. So pick something that you will feel comfortable without following the taste of your friends and family. The last tip is to pick a dress to fit your chosen location for the wedding day.

A Wedding Party To Die For

There is a big dilemma when it comes to the wedding scene. It’s quite an art to choose the right location for your wedding. Indeed, while your religious beliefs will dictate whether you want a church wedding, it can be tricky to find the best place to celebrate. It’s, therefore, important to visit all possible locations and to try to get in touch with your catering team to discuss the pros and cons of each place. How should you choose the catering service is another big question that takes an easy answer: Try them out! Similarly, if you’ve been to a wedding before, you would have probably noticed things that you didn’t like, such as sitting at a table with guests you didn’t know, kids crying with boredom, or even the choice of music. Use this knowledge to avoid reproducing the same mistakes.

Sweet Honeymoon Holiday

The choice of your honeymoon is probably the easiest part of your wedding plans. Don’t try to surprise your partner by picking a destination on your own. This has to be a common decision so that you can be sure that you will both have a fantastic time. If you don’t want to indulge in a long break, pick a countryside escape for a handful of days. If you are looking for an adventure, broaden your horizons by visiting a new country. The choice is all yours; listen to your heart.

What Do You Remember Of The Day?

In the end what you keep from your wedding day is happy memories. For most couples, these memories don’t need any picture – but that shouldn’t stop you from taking plenty. It’s all about sensations. People remember waking up excited, getting ready, finally wearing a ring. They remember the joy of the day. In the end, the choice of your dress or wedding location will never matter as much as your choice of spouse. Happiness is all that remains. So relax and enjoy the day.