Destinations In Europe You NEED To Visit

There’s so much to do and see in Europe! From amazing history in the cities of London to the bustling boutiques of Milan. In fact, there’s so much to do in Europe that we cannot possibly describe it all to you in this article – there should be nothing more tantalizing than that to a traveler!

Before we start, though – you need to get your visas in order unless you don’t need them. Passports, visas and the like are essential to travel and with the changing scape of European travel likely to change even further in the next decade, you need to get clued up. With sites like, you can get clued up on your visa requirements. It’s worth doing! 

Apart from that though, all you’ll need to enjoy Europe is a sense of adventure – let’s take a look!

Let’s start off a bit unique. The Azores is a green jewel in the wide blue ocean in between Portugal and the Americas. The islands have their own distinct history and identity, meaning each Azores island is a vacation in of itself. The nine islands each has an unique charm and a visit to the Azores islands could be the coastal adventure of a lifetime. It sits alone, meaning nothing is more exciting that isolation!

In Bruges, you can taste. Chocolate lingers in the air, and the romance of the city with it’s delicate canals, and cobblestones screams out loud that it is a truly European city. Car-free – it’s a bike riders dream and of course, it’s packed with things to eat and enjoy.

The gateway to the east and the seat of many a great empire from the Byzantines to the Ottomans – Istanbul of Turkey straddles the gap between continents. With spice, culture, language and the impressive Hagia Sophia – there’s pretty much no reason to not visit Istanbul. The cheap and historic taverns might help change your mind, though!

Paris is more than a capital – it’s a legend. From the seat of Charlemagne to the world capital of culture, you can’t put much past Paris. A city designed with the ideals of beauty in mind – Paris can offer that tantalizing tastes of its many bistros, the gargantuan Eiffel Tower, the legendary art of The Louvre and of course, the darkness of the Catacombs. Paris also has a Disneyland nearby, making it one of those places with something for everyone. Especially those that appreciate the finer things in life, though.

St Patrick’s Day has passed but Ireland is more than green and Guinness. The capital of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin and it’s full of beautiful buildings and a massive culture of food and drink. It’s right on the seaside and easily links to both mainland Europe and the United Kingdom. James Joyce and Roddy Doyle give Dublin a distinguished and educated background. Don’t forget to wash it down with a Guinness though! More importantly, Ireland is a friendly place that offers sports and smiles – which you can’t buy, can you?