DIY Bridal Beauty

Now, getting married can be pretty expensive, and when you factor in the cost of having your hair done, along with your nails and your makeup as well as all the trials beforehand, it can be extortionate. But there is another option. That is to DIY your own bridal beauty. Read on to find out how.

Your Hair

Now one thing that you can do yourself is your hair style. If you are choosing to wear your hair down, then pick something that compliments your natural hair colour and texture.

For example, you can use different tools like hot air brushes or curling irons to give you romantic waves. Check out Beauty Ambition for product reviews before you buy though. Then add some texture and height at the back with bumpits. Which are foam rollers that go underneath the hair making it seem a lot fuller.

Lastly, finish off with an on-trend flower crown. But instead of having to worry about fresh flowers and not knowing quite what things will look like until the day, get one made of silk flowers instead like the ones available at Crowns by ChristieThen you can practice this step to be sure that your look is polished and perfect the morning of the wedding.

If you would prefer to wear your hair up in a stylish bun or chignon, you can even do that yourself. Get a friend to help you if you can’t reach all the way around to get your style in perfectly. Or you can use Gibson roll tool or bun donuts to help you get your style perfect, without a lot of hassle.

Your Makeup

Obviously having your makeup on point is vital for your wedding day. But, not every bride wants to pay a professional to do it for them, so some choose to do it themselves.

While this might set some brides off in a cold sweat, it’s actually very doable once you get down to it.

Part of it is allowing yourself enough time that you are not rushed when you are applying your make up, and that you can go back and redo a stage or two, if you are not completely happy with things.

Also don’t forget to practice, practice, practice! If you were going to a professional, then you would have at least one makeup trial. So when doing it yourself, you certainly want to give yourself the same treatment.

If you are really stuck for ideas or technique, you can even go to your local department store makeup counter and ask for a makeover, where you can buy the products afterward making your wedding makeup super easy to replicate at home.

Your Nails

Lastly, you will want your fingernails and toenails to look as good as the rest of you does on your wedding day. But that doesn’t mean spending hours and a fortune in the salon the day before the wedding.

Instead, why not invest in a home gel nails kit. Then you will be able to have a shiny long lasting nails for a fraction of the cost, and you will have the kit to continue using after the wedding as well.