DIY Wedding: How to make vintage lace tea light holders

DIY wedding lace tea light holder

I’ve become a bit ‘wedding-mad’ recently as we get closer and closer to the wedding date! My fiance and I are not getting married until next summer, but I’ve already started crafting some DIY wedding pieces and now I’ve found the perfect dress, I am 100% sure of my theme.

I thought I’d document my wedding planning process in the hope that my experiences can help others (and it also gives my poor finance’s ears a rest – who, to be honest, doesn’t really care about things like bunting. I know, weird huh?).

So here are my ‘homemade vintage lace tea light holders’ (I couldn’t think of a snappier name, soz). They would look gorgeous at a rustic, vintage, or boho style wedding and are really easy to make. Along with being perfect tea light holders, these jars are perfect for holding sweets, or they could be filled with something such as pearls or petals – the choice is yours!

how to make lace wedding tea light holders

All you need to make these is a jar (clean with no label), some braided twine or string, lace and some PVA glue.

Simply tie the twine or string around the area where the lid would be, and tie in a bow. Next, pop on a tiny bit of PVA glue sporadically over one side of the lace, then carefully wrap around the jar. That’s it! So easy and really quick. 🙂

Let me know if you make any!