How to document your travel experiences


From the people you meet to the food you eat, your trip overseas is bound to be filled with plenty of unforgettable experiences. But as our memory fades, the details and important aspects of these trips can easily become lost. Sadly, this can stop us from reliving them again in future. This is why documenting a trip is so crucial. It allows you to remember every element of your travels, long after they come to an end. While taking photos is an easy and convenient form of travel documentation, there are plenty of other options too. So before starting your adventure, consider these creative ways of documenting your travels overseas.

Create a blog

If you want to share your experiences with friends and family back home, blogging could be an ideal option for you. You can create content that includes your photos and talks about what you have been up to each day. You can also provide tips for other travellers based on your experiences. You don’t need to have a lot of technical know-how or a big budget to create a blog. Many platforms such as Blogger allow you to create a basic blog for free, which can also be customised. So if you’ve always wanted to start your own travel or lifestyle blog, now could be the ideal time to start. Not only will this incredible trip provide you with endless content. But you can also access your blog for years to come to reminisce about your experiences.

Make postcards

Postcards are another fantastic way of immortalising your travels abroad. You can buy blank postcards before you leave which you can draw onto. These might include places you’ve visited or a particularly unforgettable moment. There are also apps you can download that create postcards using photos you have taken. While you should send postcards to your loved ones, don’t forget to send them to yourself too. This will give you something to look forward to when you return home. For a constant reminder of the amazing places you’ve visited, frame the postcards and display them around your home. That way there will be little chance of you forgetting.

Start posing

You’ll naturally want to take as many photographs as you possibly can at each location you visit. But despite the beautiful surroundings, tourist photographs often look the same and lack personality. To help you avoid this when documenting your travels, why not start a photo project?

Many travellers have started photo projects which involves them posing in the same way at different locations. Murad Osmann’s photo series Follow Me is an ideal example of this. Think carefully about the pose you want to use, as this will be one you use throughout your trip. Once you return home, you can turn these photos into a slideshow or video. You can then watch this whenever you want a reminder of how unbelievable your trip was.

These ideas can ensure the memories from your travels overseas are not lost or forgotten. They can even provide you with inspiration to do even more travelling. So try a few options out before you leave to see which one works best for you.