Easy Wedding Ideas To Make Your Special Day Stress Free


Why is it that the most important day in our lives can also end up being the most stressful? Surely as the bride and groom you should be the ones that are having the most fun, it is your wedding after all? So if you are not too keen on tearing your hair out before your wedding day comes around, why not check out some of my easy and convenient tips below.

Do It Your Way

While it’s easy to pretend that it isn’t, it can be pretty stressful organizing a wedding. You have a definite idea of what you want in your mind and so does everyone else and their cat! It is hard to navigate the wedding magazines, your family, and your own expectations and come out with something meaningful to you.

But you do have to remember that it is your day and it’s acceptable to do it your way. What others think are essential parts of your days, aren’t necessarily.

If you want a posh car to take you to the church, but you’re quite happy not have fresh flowers. That is ok! You get on the blower and speak to that Limo Hire company, and get rid of those florists cards!  

You get to pick the bits that are vital for you, you’ll find it’s all a lot simpler if you don’t allow yourself to be lead by the people.


Another way of making your wedding less stressful is to take the pressure off entirely and elope. There are several famous places in the world that people chose to get married. Las Vegas, Gretna Green and Mexico Beaches. They are all quite different, so you have to pick carefully depending on what you want.

The thing about eloping is that you get to be together, alone on your big day. It gets to be about you and your commitment to one another. Ir become a lot less about all the trimmings and the colour of the flowers, and how good the chicken is. It’s all about the marriage, which is kind of what you’re meaning to be celebrating anyway.

Get Everyone Involved

One way to make organising everything more convenient and to ensure people feel included is to get them all involved. It can work well to give everyone a job and let them take care of that part of the wedding. For example, someone can be in charge of the flowers, while someone else can sort out the cake. Yes, it does take some trust in those people, but they get to feel special and an integral part of your day.

Don’t Take It All Too Seriously

It is worth bearing in mind that while it is your wedding day, it will actually help you have more fun if you can just let some things go. Yes, you are spending a lot of money on the day, but it should be a joyful celebration of the union of a couple. Rather than an organisational nightmare that almost drives you nuts, you need to look at the big picture.

Remember that weddings are more about marriage than about that one single day in your life.