Fairytale Wedding Destinations Around The Globe

In the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, you’ll be stressing about all of those tiny details like table settings, seating plans and wedding favours. But before you even start thinking about any of that, you need to decide on a venue. A traditional church and country house wedding suits some people, but if you want something a little more exotic, why not consider jetting off around the world to get married? There are so many amazing countries that you can get married in and you’ll get a holiday in the process. People often worry that a wedding abroad is going to bump up the price but if you stay and have your honeymoon in the same country, it won’t actually affect the price all that much.

Organizing things might be a problem because you’ll have to do everything over the phone for the most part, and it’s likely that you’ll have to fly out there at least once before the wedding to sort everything out. Getting your guests there is another hurdle that you need to overcome because not everybody will be able to afford the flights out there. But the thing is, if you’re getting married on a beautiful beach somewhere, you won’t need to spend that much on extras for the venue so those savings can be used to help guests out a little. If you’re dead set on having your wedding abroad, these are some of the best wedding destinations in the world.


Jamaica is a great wedding location because it offers a couple of different options. There are plenty of picturesque white beaches but you could also get married in the mountains as well. If you want an extra special experience, there are certain beaches that boast waters that have a magical blue glow at night time which makes for a truly magical backdrop for your wedding. The island itself is very cheap and it’ll only cost you around $50 for a wedding license, making it the perfect destination for a cheap but exotic wedding.


For that traditional fairytale wedding experience, there is nowhere better than Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world. The city is full of grand churches that you can perform the ceremony in and floating down river in a gondola is probably one of the best wedding entrances that you could make. There are plenty of great companies like Vittore Buzzi photographer services that can document your special day for you. Venice is a popular wedding destination so it may cost you a little more than somewhere like Jamaica, but it’ll also be cheaper to fly out there so it all balances out well. You could even consider a trip around Europe for your honeymoon, which is not that expensive once you’re on the continent.


Amsterdam is a popular holiday destination at the moment and it’s ideal for weddings. It’s often called the Venice of the north because of its great canals. It’s easier and cheaper to travel to than Venice and it still has a lot of the same stuff to offer so it’s a great alternative to Italy if you’re on a bit of a budget. You can get married in a quaint ceremony above the canals and end the day with a relaxing boat ride along the water.

South Africa

If you and your fiance are nature lovers, there’s nowhere better than South Africa to get married. You can have your ceremony on picturesque mountain ranges or even in a game reserve, surrounded by breathtaking wildlife. Getting a license to get married in South Africa is a little more difficult so make sure that you leave enough time to get it sorted beforehand.

Costa Rica

Maybe a beach wedding is perfect for you, but it might be a little tame. If you and your partner are looking for something a little more extreme, why not head to Costa Rica and get married in the shadow of a volcano. Costa Rica is a beautiful place for you to have your honeymoon after you get married as well because there are some wonderful rainforests to visit and sandy white beaches all over the island that are perfect for a relaxing week away.


Ask somebody where the most romantic place in the world is and most of the time, they’ll say Paris. The city is renowned for being the love capital of the world where you can get married in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower which looks especially striking when it’s lit up at night time. People used to eternalise their love by placing a padlock on the famous Ponts De Arts Bridge (like me) but unfortunately, French authorities have now banned this practice.


Ireland doesn’t automatically spring to mind when you think of glamorous wedding destinations but you’d be surprised. There are so many quaint old castles that make the perfect destination for a wedding. It’s also a much cheaper and easier option for you and all of your guests than jetting off around the world to get married. The cliff top settings make for great photo opportunities on your big day. Dealing with a stressful long haul flight isn’t always what you want in the lead up to your wedding so Ireland is the perfect balance of change of scenery without the hassle.


Thailand is a staple destination for backpackers the world over, but it makes a great wedding destination as well. It boasts some of the best beaches in the world, set to a backdrop of magnificent rock formations that are like no other in the world. After you get married, you can take an elephant ride off into the sunset.

Getting married at home is always lovely, but your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s the most special day of your life and heading to one of these great destinations is a sure fire way to make sure that you and your guests will have fond memories of it for years to come.