Famous Libraries From Past and Present

We are standing on the shoulders of giants. While it’s sometimes tempting to think that there must be something special about this generation of humans (since we have such advanced technology and so on), the truth is that really, all we’ve done is build upon the knowledge that has been discovered and understood in times past. It’s thanks to the practice of recording that information for future generations that we’ve been able to achieve so much. 

Whereas these days we have the internet and digital tools to record and transmit information across the globe, we still rely on the old, tried and tested method of communicating ideas: books. For this reason, libraries are equally as important today as they’ve ever been. In public libraries, we can get access to information on any number of topics, and also connect with other people. They’re places where we can improve ourselves. 

While all libraries have their uses and benefits, there are some that stand out in the sea of libraries. These are the ones that are deemed to be the most important of all, both today and throughout history. There’s a museum, for instance, that dates back to the 8th century B.C. — the first ever one that we know of. And then there are the big hitters of today, which include the British Library and the Library of Congress. To learn more about the world’s most important libraries from past and present, check out the infographic that’s posted below, which was produced by USC.

Infographic Design By USC

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