Fashion: How to get the 60’s look


It’s no secret that the fashion world takes inspiration from days gone by for new, modern looks. If you’ve ever been into changing up your style, you’ll know how much fun it can be to emulate another era through your personal fashion. With autumn well and truly upon us now (seriously, where did that sun go?!), there has never been a better time to shake up your look. If you’re going to imitate a specific area, there is no better choice than the swinging 60s. The 60s were a great time for women’s fashion and beauty – with icons such as Jean Shrimpton and our beloved Twiggy leading the way. Plus, it can be the ideal look for the colder months, especially with glamorous Christmas parties just around the corner. Read on to find out how you can get this classic 60s style in just a few easy steps.


Fashion in the 1960s was pretty varied. After all, the rise of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, and the Beatle’s later material, soon gave way to the hippie trend that would dominate the latter part of the decade. However, for the sake of this blog post we are going to focus on early 1960s style – a style which is often referred to as ‘mod’. The Mods were a subculture of young Londoners who had a specific style and who listened to early indie and soul music. The original scene was very male-orientated, but the style soon spread to women, and that is where we get our fabulous 60s fashion from. Look out for bold prints and stripes to get the look, and layer jumpers over A-line mini skirts. In stark contrast to the hippie style of the late sixties, the bulk of the decade was focused on smart, clean cut clothes. Patterned shirts will soon be your new best friend!


If you’re not quite brave enough to go for the iconic Twiggy pixie cut, there are plenty of other ways to get a 60s-inspired do. Hair in this era tended to be neat and tidy, with no unruly flicks or waves. Therefore, you can put your curling tongs down for another season. That being said, it was common to have an upwards flick around the bottom of the hair. Heavy, thick fringes were very popular, so if you’re feeling daring, why not get one cut in? The Bridget Bardot bouffant-beehive was also an iconic look in this era, and one that has stood the test of time. If you’ve backcombed and backcombed and still can’t get that volume, why not try some clip in hair extensions? Pair with a velvet Alice band and you’re good to go!


60s makeup was all about having a flawless base and drawing lots of attention to the eyes. Twiggy, again, is probably the pinnacle of 1960s makeup. To get her look, prime your face before applying foundation – it will help it last longer. Then, apply your foundation evenly with a brush or sponge, as this will give you a flawless finish. Set with matte powder and then focus on playing up the eyes. A little bit of winged liner and a great mascara is all you really need.