Filling Time: How Your Hobbies Can Make You Money

If you’re on social media in any way, you’ll have noticed the birth of Facebook online businesses. From Etsy shops to the Marketplace, there are people turning their crafty wares into money makers and you could be a part of it, you just need to learn where your strengths lie! The era of the personalised gift has become so popular now that everyone is spending their money on trinkets and crafted gifts instead of high-powered and high-cost electronics like iPads for gifts. We give our parents funky photo frames and personalised Scrabble-piece pictures that spell out the names of grandchildren. It’s fun, it’s thoughtful and it’s a genius way to have a second income.

When you sit in the evening crocheting blankets or baby clothes for your children or grandchildren, or even as a gift for your sister’s baby that is due in a month, think about what you could do with that talent. It’s not common for people to knit or crochet anymore – why would it be with the ease of baby clothes and blankets on the shelves now? So, when you get given a handmade baby blanket, adorned with the name of the cherub and their date of birth, it’s a keepsake gift. Setting yourself up online on eBay, Etsy or even a Facebook page detailing the things you can make, is a way to get your work out there.

People rely on word of mouth for their products online. Maybe you saw a set of soaps that were handmade that are presented beautifully, so you ask where they were made. Social media has a lot of reach nowadays and turning your hobby into a steady second income is easier than ever. Don’t forget though, anything you sell must be researched carefully! If you have a knack with a whisk and can make beautiful cakes, you should be regulated and have the right food hygiene certificates. You can expand what you know by taking courses at local colleges and giving yourself a boost with your education can really give you an edge over other online shops. If your passion lies in literature, there are some fantastic Writers Workshop courses that you can go online and take to improve your technique and hone your writing style. Selling poems, children’s books that are personalised to individual names and storytelling are all ways you can turn that writing hobby into a money spinner.

It’s not just about the money either, as you can get some satisfaction from your ability to create something beautiful and see how it’s used by others. The popularity and income that comes with turning your hobby into your career can boost your self-esteem, as you know that something you are talented at doing is paying your bills. Having an online business isn’t an easy thing to do, neither is becoming self-employed, but it is so worth it when it means you are doing what you love for a living.

Hobbies don’t just fill your time, they can dictate how you live your life. What can you do?