Fitness: Secret Useful Features of Yoga Mats

Thanks to my cousin, I’ve recently got into yoga. I’m on a mission to improve my health and fitness levels, and that includes finding forms of exercise that I actually enjoy and want to do.

I’ve never been a particularly sporty person; I was more of the ‘skip P.E and get chosen last when I do bother’ type of girl, and though I do enjoy running, it’s not going to help me tone up or build muscle.

This has led me to starting out yoga. Unfortunately, living in Doncaster means that there are not many places to go to do this kind of thing, so I have looked to the internet for help. My cousin recommended Yoga with Adriene and I really enjoy her videos. After my first session I could definitely feel it the next morning so I have high hopes, though I’m still on the lookout for actual exercise classes to go to; I imagine having an instructor would be more motivational, rather than trying to motivate myself.

Regardless, one of the essential pieces of a yoga kit is the yoga mat; I recently came across this infographic about how important and surprisingly useful they are. Take a look below!

*This post is in collaboration with Reviewsbee but all yoga love my own*