Five Reasons To Visit Sifnos, Greece

OK so I think we can all agree that it’s FREEZING in the UK right now, and if you’re anything like me you’ll already be planning your summer holiday. I’ve been spending the past week putting the heating on full and researching places to visit and one of the destinations that has really stood out is Sifnos, an idyllic island of Greece.

The Greek Islands are incredibly popular travel destinations; warm weather, sandy beaches and incredible food – what could be better! Many of us have visited Mykonos and Santorini, so if you are looking for somewhere new, Sifnos is the one; here are five reasons you should book your trip today!

The sizzling local cuisine

One of the best things about luxury holidays to Greece are the many chances you have to try some of the cuisine, and you can’t beat local fare from the ‘foodie’ island of the area. Sifnos is known for its incredible dishes and many famous chefs have begun their careers in the hills. To taste the best the island has to offer, you should opt for traditional highlights – try some bourekia (almond, cinnamon and honey pastries) or a spinach and feta pie from one of the many shops in Artemonas, one of the picturesque villages of the island.

The opportunity to swim in the wild

If you’re a lover of the sea but not a fan of ‘organised beaches’ (that’s the Greek term for a sun-lounger packed strip) then Sifnos is perfect for you. The island has some secluded rocky coves ideal for wild swimming in crystal clear waters – visit the spot at Chrisopigi by the monastery.

Luxury boutique hotels and villas

Sifnos is an incredibly beautiful island, so it’s no surprise that it has its fair share of luxurious accommodation. Greek luxury villa rentals don’t get much better than the ones available on Sifnos – perfectly Instagrammable and ideal for getting away from it all and holidaying like a celeb.

Hiking trails ideal for the colder months

If you visit Sifnos out of season, then you can take advantage of its many hiking trails that are not do-able in the sizzling summer months. The Sifnos Trails are suitable for hikers of all abilities, from the two-hour walk from Kastro to Chyssopigi – which connects two of the island’s most interesting sites, via the fishing village of Faros – to the 9km trail from the capital Apollonia which finishes at Vathi beach.

Historical, pretty towns and villages

The lovely villages of Apollonia and Artemonas have plenty to keep you busy – the capital Apollonia boasts a popular nightlife hub, and is equally inviting in the morning where you can begin the day with a coffee before heading off for a walk on one of the island’s many hobbled streets.

For history lovers, the village of Kastro can be found on a steep hill which has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was once the capital. On the top of the hill lies the ruins of an ancient citadel; walk a little further and you’ll come across the Church of the Seven Martyrs, overlooking the sparkling Aegean sea.

If this hasn’t made you dream of sunny days in the island of Sifnos then I’m not sure what will – I’m off to book my trip now!