Life: Five things to do when you are having a bad day


We all have bad days from time to time. Sometimes, though, these days can be really tough and feeling better can feel impossible. I like to write, I find it cathartic, but when I feel like this I have some other go-to fixes to help me through.

Here are my five top things to do when you’re having a bad day…

1. Stay in bed.

Yes, really.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, sad, or if you feel like you might be on the verge of an existential crisis, staying in bed can be the best thing to do. If you have the option to, cancel your plans, make a cup of tea, grab that chocolate bar you swore you wouldn’t eat and stay in bed.

For me, even just choosing to stay home for a day and be by myself has made me feel so much better and it gives you the chance to recuperate. Sometimes the best thing to do is say no.
2. Have a mopey TREAT YO SELF evening


If you can’t get out of plans (or, like, you have to go to work and stuff) then use the evening to truly TREAT YO SELF. Personally, my favourite recipe for a mopey evening in is wine, sweets and TV. If I am feeling particularly sorry for myself I tend to watch something deep so I can have a good wallow in peace. Nothing too serious, mind, as that can have the opposite effect.

Something I watched on my last mopey evening was a film I found on Netflix, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. This kind of film is good as it has a good mix of sadness, comedy and romance, but is light enough on the romance so that you don’t end up throwing your jelly beans at the screen in disgust.

Other films I suggest for a mopey evening are Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Blue Valentine, the Twilight series (honestly, watching Bella roll around on the floor in despair in New Moon would make anyone feel better) and The Great Gatsby.

3. Exercise

Though exercising is probably the last thing you want to do when you are feeling down, it is actually really good at making you feel better. Exercise releases endorphins, which according to science, make you feel good. Similar to morphine, apparently, so there’s that.

Before I started running I never really ‘got’ how exercise made you feel better, but now that I run regularly I can really tell the difference. If I’m feeling anxious or restless, I always feel a hundred times better after a run. The sweatier the better! Exercise is also a great way of making you feel good about yourself. Seeing the miles clock up on the treadmill can be a real buzz if you’re feeling low about yourself in general.

4. Vent to your bezzies

Sometimes you don’t want to spend all day moping in the house alone, and luckily, you have your very own support group in the guise of your best friends. Hang out, go out, or just text them about the meaningless of life or who ‘A’ is on Pretty Little Liars.

5. Spend time with animals

Spending time with animals is a wonderful way to feel better about the world. If you have a pet, go and pay them some attention and give them a cuddle. If you have a cat, then my apologies, I am sure the cat will come back again once it wants feeding.

If you don’t have a pet, then go feed the ducks, or if you have enough free time, volunteer at an animal shelter – they always need the extra help!

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you’re having a bad day?