Five Ways Going to University Can Change Your Life

I can safely say that going to university was one of the best choices I have ever made. It changed my life in so many ways and I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t have gone.

I actually went to university a little later than my friends; I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I reached sixth form and instead of making any rash decisions, I worked in hospitality for a couple of years until I realised I really missed being a student, and I completed an Access to Higher Education course at college, enabling me to apply to university as a mature student (I was only 21 but this is still classed as a mature student, although I don’t necessarily agree with this).

I studied the subject I’ve always been passionate about – English – and it was truly a life-changing course. If you’re thinking about going to university, or if you’re not sure, here are five ways that university can change your life, to help you make up your mind.

You’ll become an expert in your chosen field

For me, going to university was first and foremost about the course and the education. I researched English courses like you wouldn’t believe, and I applied to universities according to how their English course ranked, rather than where it was, for example. I ended up enrolling on an amazing English degree, the level of teaching and research at my university was really ahead of its game and I learnt so much. By studying for something that in depth for three years, you really can become an expert in that field, and many students go on to study their subject further by doing a Master’s degree or even a PhD.

You will become more independent

For most undergraduates, university will be the first time they’ve ever lived away from home. This is a huge life-changer and sets you up for adulthood. Whether it’s learning how to cook, how to manage your time or even how to live with strangers, during your years at university you’ll learn how to do things for yourself.

You’ll make friends for life

There are so many ways to make friends at university; clubs, classes, nights out… you’re all in the same boat and the first few weeks of university are great for finding your feet and some friendly faces. I got married last year and one of my bridesmaids was my best friend from university; though I don’t see many of my university friends on a regular basis, this is one friendship I know will last forever.

You’ll have greater career options

Now, firstly, there are many, many people who have not gone to university who have successful careers, but in my personal experience completing a degree and gaining a 2:1 opened doors I did not even know where available. Many careers expect you to be a graduate, no matter what in, and some careers (such as doctors and lawyers) require applicants to have studied beforehand.

Universities also work closely with local and global businesses and most universities will have dedicated careers services to help you on your way.

You’ll be exposed to different views and ways of life

University attracts a huge array of people, you’ll be introduced to people from different cultures and you will hear views that you’ve never thought of yourself. University is a time for learning; not just about your subject but about life itself, and there’s no better way to do it.

It’s never too late to apply for university, you can apply to University of Hull through the clearing process, which enables those without a university place (or those who have changed their mind about what course/university they want) to apply for places on courses that are still available. Another reason students may go through clearing is if they haven’t got the grades they thought they would, and thus need to reapply.

Basically, clearing is just a way of applying to university late in the year. To chat to somebody at University of Hull about your options, give them a call on 01482 462234.

Good luck!

*This post is in collaboration with University of Hull but all love for university my own. All images are of University of Hull and belong to Mike Park*