Food: The Buyer’s Guide To Olive Oil

In July, I spent ten blissful days in Italy with my husband, and I discovered that you really cannot beat Italian food. We stayed in Rome, and frequently visited Trastevere – Rome’s ‘favourite neighbourhood’ – a picturesque part of Rome away from the tourists, with streets lined with authentic Italian ristorantes.

I had carbonara at least three times in the city, and though it was different every time, it was the best thing I had ever put in my mouth. I Every day I was inspired to cook when I got home, but to be honest I haven’t known where to start!

One of the key ingredients in Italian cooking is olive oil, and I recently came across this guide to buying Olive Oil by Jamie’s Italian. I’ve always kind of been afraid of olive oil, as I think I always got it confused with sunflower oil, and I didn’t realise that some kinds were perfect for dipping bread or drizzling over salads.

I recently treated myself to some truffle-infused olive oil and it’s changed my life; kale is now insanely tasty, and my salads have a kick that means I want to eat them for every meal. If you’re like me and an olive oil newbie, here’s that guide to buying your own.

guide to buying olive oil

*This is a collaborative post but all Italian and olive oil love my own*