Forget The Beach! Try These Astonishing Honeymoon Experiences Instead!


Your wedding is over, and you’re officially a married couple. All that is left to do is look forward to your honeymoon. For many couples, the idea of a beach holiday after months of wedding planning is the definition of heaven. But this honeymoon experience isn’t for everyone. Some newlyweds can think of nothing worse than spending two weeks on a beach. If you fall into this category, you’ll be eager to find a honeymoon alternative that is still fun, relaxing and romantic. So to give you some inspiration, here are some unique, out of the box honeymoon ideas you should consider instead.

Head to a festival

Festivals are a great way to meet new people, have fun and immerse yourself in something you’re interested in. So why not go to one during your honeymoon. Whether you love food or music, festivals are held in every country throughout the world. So you can enjoy them in your home country or attend them in places you’ve always wanted to visit. For example, the festival of Mardi Gras in New Orleans is particularly popular with newlyweds.

This is the ideal experience for couples who love to party and learning more about different cultures. Look for guides and schedules online to see what festivals are being held in different countries. You might be able to do more than one if you plan in advance.

Help others

The majority of newlyweds want to relax when they go on their honeymoon. But if you both would rather spend your time helping others, a working honeymoon could be the perfect option. This involves offering your time to charitable organizations. These can either be abroad or within your home country. You could help build houses or teach English to young children in Africa or India. Animal shelters and homeless centers will also frequently require volunteers to assist them. This could be an opportunity to give something back and make a difference to other people’s lives. Look for charities online which are close to both your and your partner heart and see if you can help them while on your honeymoon.

Go camping

While many people don’t consider camping for their honeymoon, it can be a romantic experience to have. You can spend your days enjoying hikes and relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings. Your nights can then be spent stargazing and cooking delicious campfire meals. Not having wifi or a TV can also mean you spend more time talking which can strengthen your bond even more. Another great thing about camping is that it is very budget-friendly. This can be ideal if you massively overspent on your wedding budget or just want to save money.

If you don’t fancy spending your entire honeymoon in a tent, you could look for caravans for sale online as an alternative. Many campsites offer caravan pitches, and they can provide a more comfortable camping experience.

As you can see, going on a beach holiday is not the only way to celebrate your honeymoon and recent marriage. There are plenty of incredible alternatives out there which can be more in keeping with your interests and personality. So don’t feel you have to follow the crowds if you really don’t want to.