Food and Drink: French Treats

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that I’ve recently been to Lille in France with five of my best girls for a very French hen do. I adore France and it was the perfect place for me to spend a girly long weekend. I’ll be writing a post up soon about my experience but for now I thought I’d show you some of the amazing treats I came back with.

Lille is a shopper’s paradise; it even has a Sephora, which I was particularly excited about as I’d never been into one before. I bought a face mask (more on that another time) but I wanted to save my money for going out so I didn’t buy anything else, although it was hard to drag myself out of there!

What I really did want to come home with was some French wine, and I spent a lot of time visiting wine and beer shops on the first day. My mistake was waiting until the last day to part with my cash as it turns out most shops (and museums) are closed on Mondays in Lille and the shop I had my heart set on was closed when I went to buy.

IMG_1987 (1)

Luckily, I found an organic food and drink shop in Old Town and I found this organic bottle of Bordeux for just 8 euros, and as I am currently drinking it while writing this post (blame it on post-holiday blues) I can tell you that it is bloody delicious.

I also went to Meert, an A-MAZING chocolate shop and cafe near the main square. It was hard to decide on what to come away with here as it was full to the brim with gorgeous treats, but I thought some authentic French macarons would be the perfect treat to come home with. This set of six cost 11 euros, but you can find cheaper alternatives in the numerous other shops around. HOW stunning is the box though?!



They didn’t last long as you can imagine. In fact I forgot to take a photo before I opened them, which is why there’s only four in the photo – oops.

Another treat I couldn’t resist was buying this Nuxe Paris Face Cleansing and Make Up Removing Gel. I’ve had two samples of this from my Love Me Beauty subscription, and I’ve been thinking about buying the full size for a while now. It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used as it really does remove your make up without having to wash your face numerous times until it comes off. It’s also really smooth and great for those with sensitive skin. I found this for about 10 euros in Lille as every pharmacy sells Nuxe so I found it cheaper than the UK prices I found online. Win!


Along with these treats, I recently wrote about our cheese and wine experience at BiBoViNo, take a look!