The Friday Five: 29th Jan 2016


Goodbye January! Here’s the last Friday Five for this month.

The Crookes so you call fall in love with George

The Crookes are playing at Doncaster’s finest music venue the Diamond Live Lounge on Tuesday 9th February – my birthday!

If you haven’t heard of The Crookes, where have you been?! They’re an amazing indie band from Sheffield, with clever lyrics and a very charismatic front man.

I implore anyone in Doncaster who likes music to come to this gig, they’re one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen them at least five times already. I’ll be there anyway, desperately hoping that the guys will somehow know it’s my birthday and dedicate a song to me. Sigh, a girl can dream!

Must listen:

Existential Tumblr to make you feel existential

This existential tumblr has been getting me through feeling a bit lost and down the past couple of weeks. Also, this.

Everything Pusheen to make you happy

So cute! I want Pusheen everything.

I’m finally getting driving lessons!

Even though I am the grand ol’ age of 27 (yep!) I have never learnt to drive. I wasn’t interested when I was 17, I was too busy finding out about pubs and crying myself to sleep over boys to do anything sensible like learn to drive. Then, as I lived in London for so long, learning to drive seemed pointless, as there is a tube stop five minutes away from literally everything in Central London.

Now I’m back living in Doncaster, it’s time to learn to drive. I’ve been here for almost three years now so it’s safe to say I’m staying (I mean, I am getting married), and Doncaster definitely does not have a tube system. In fact it’s pretty hard to get to anywhere in or around Doncaster unless you have a car or really like travelling on buses. Anyway, I’ve finally got my first lesson booked and my theory test booked in February. Wish me luck!

Staying inside and watching TV

January has gone on FOREVER, right? If you are stuck for something to watch on TV check out my fiance’s posts the Top Ten Best TV Shows of 2015 and Ten More Great TV Shows of 2015. Enjoy!



  • Thank you for introducing me to a brand new band, this was definitely needed to revamp my music library!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka